The Waterfront Building chooses virtual keys from PartnerSec.

virtuella nycklar
CavVisit automatiserar besökshantering och styr hissar hos Waterfront Buildning vid Stockholms Centralstation. Besökssystemet är integrerat med KONE senaste hiss-system.

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The CavVisit visitor management system automates visitor management with virtual keys at the Waterfront Building

The Waterfront Building in central Stockholm removes RFID cards in favor of cloud-based virtual keys from PartnerSec. So far, the facility managers have been issuing access cards to visitors and tenants but are now changing to virtual keys in the shape of cloud-based QR-Key® and Mobile-Key® that are included in CampTrac APV and CavVisit.

With the cloud-based system CampTrac APV (Access control, Payment, Visitor) and CavVisit ( Automatic Visitor Management), the facility automates its visitor management and sends virtual keys to users’ phones, instead of using RFID cards.

The focus of the solution is to create a modern and tidy first impression, as well as being able to manage more visitors with existing facility resources, and get rid of old RFID cards.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec

“The Waterfront Building is owned by one of the world’s biggest facility owners, MAEG from Germany. MAEG had a very clear vision about how they wanted to improve the Waterfront Building for their tenants and visitors. The building will be a role model in appearance and design, and at the same time, it should give visitors and tenants a welcoming feeling.

One of the main points was to get rid of the management of RFID cards and automate visitor management. Thanks to the deep collaboration between MAEG, the facility management team from NewSec, and PartnerSec, we have created a long-term solution where we automate visitor management, as well as issue virtual keys, so that the use of outdated RFID cards can come to an end.

The result of our collaboration is that we deliver the latest in cloud-based access technology and automated visitor management to Waterfront, a so-called state-of-the-art solution.

We are proud that MEAG and NewSec have chosen this solution and are looking forward to a long-term collaboration.”

About MEAG

MEAG förvaltar tillgångarna till München Re och ERGO. MEAG har representationer i Europa, Asien och Nordamerika och erbjuder också sitt omfattande kunnande till institutionella och privata kunder utanför företagskoncernen. MEAG förvaltar för närvarande tillgångar till ett värde av 297 miljarder euro, varav mer än 15 miljarder fastigheter.
MAEG manages access to München Re and ERGO. MEAG has representation in Europe, Asia, and North America, and offers extensive knowledge to institutional and private customers outside of the corporate group. MEAG manages, at the present time, assets worth 297 billion euros, with more than 15 billion facilities.
More about MEAG:

About NewSec

Newsec grundades 1994 och är idag ett partnerägt företag med cirka 2 000 medarbetare på sju marknader. Newsec har cirka 60 miljarder euro förvaltade och tecknar årligen hyresavtal på cirka 1 000 000 kvadratmeter, hanterar transaktioner på cirka 5 miljarder euro och gör fastighetsvärderingar av underliggande fastigheter värda 175 miljarder euro.
NewSec was founded in 1994 and is today a partner-owned company with around 2,000 employees in seven different markets. NewSec has around 60 billion euros managed, and signs rental agreements of around 100,000 square meters, yearly. They manage transactions of around five billion euros and do property valuations of underlying properties with a worth of 175 billion euros.
More about NewSec:

About PartnerSec AB

PartnerSec utvecklar och säljer molnbaserade APV-system (Access control, Payment, Visitor), dvs passersystem, betalsystem och automatiska besökshanteringssystem. Vi är ett innovativt tillväxtföretag med en person med mångkulturell bakgrund. Vi har hög kompetens och lång erfarenhet från både IT och säkerhetsbranschen.
PartnerSec develops and sells cloud-based APV systems, which are Access control, Payment, and Visitor Management systems. We are an innovative growth company with one person with a multicultural background. We have high competence and long experience in both the IT and security industries.

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