We work with certain industries more than others and here you can read about the industries where we worked the most to realize the vision “The World’s Best First Impression™”.


speed gates controlled by mifare cards and qr codes

Automated visitor management in multi-tenant buildings

Multi-tenant buildings (apartment buildings plus several companies distributed over several floors) can be complex to manage as each company and organization has its own unique rules and prerequisites for how they want to handle visitors. Our cloud-based systems handle this easily thanks to the fact that they are so-called multi-site systems. In a multi-site system, each company has its unique settings, integrations, visitors and much more.

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virtuella nycklar

Professional and automated visitor management with QR codes that also control doors

With our cloud-based systems, we help medium-sized and large companies to automate visitor management. The systems ensure rule compliance and management of processes.

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Authorities and Municipalities

We help municipalities and authorities to simplify, structure and automate visitor management

Each administration has its unique needs and processes for managing visitors. Thanks to the fact that our systems are cloud-based and configured for each administration and location, our platform can handle the needs of an entire municipality.

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Camp sites and RV parks

family camping using camptrac

More than 300 campsites use access systems and payment systems from us

CampTrac replaces keys and coin machines with a smart card/wristband or virtual keys sent to a mobile phone. The guest uses the smart card or their mobile phone to open doors, barriers or access the shower and washing and drying machines.

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Modern cloud-based systems, integrations that automate, email and SMS, encrypted data, mobile APPs, QR codes, market-leading support and service, and more than 100 years of combined experience in IT and security systems.

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