QR keys

A QR-key™ is a QR code specially designed to function as a temporary access card in doors, speed gates, barriers, and other objects that need control.

A QR-key is sent to a smartphone via SMS, email, or can be printed on a visitor badge.

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Receive visitors everywhere with QR codes

With QR code solutions from us, you can receive visitors anywhere. QR codes can be generated in both the cloud-based access control system, CampTrac, or in the cloud-based visitor management system, CavVisit.

Learn more about QR keys and our visitor management system here: Visitor Management System

The visitor management system offers a comprehensive range of features covering most needs.

QR-kodsläsare till speed gates

Our QR code readers work with all types of speed gates. These QR code readers can read both QR codes and Mifare cards.

We have deep partnerships with several manufacturers of speed gates, including Gunnebo, Boon Edam, Kone, and Intergate.

The QR keys (QR codes sent to mobile phones) are managed by our intelligent hardware, which is real-time connected to our cloud service.

The hardware controls all types of electric locks, gates, barriers, and other objects.

You can read about our hardware here.


QR codes for Guests, Visitors, Drivers, Contractors

The QR-key™ is very convenient when you want to send a temporary key to someone. The QR-key™ is highly practical for sending to visitors, guests, couriers, and truck drivers.

QR-key™ requires CampTrac QR-key™ readers. CampTrac QR-key readers can read both QR-keys™ and Mifare cards.

Learn more about how QR-keys work in our access control system here.

Control speed gates using QR codes

The cloud-based visitor management system issues QR codes to visitors, which are used to open speed gates and guide them to their designated recipient.

By utilizing QR codes for visitors, the property owner enhances security within the premises while also establishing a professional reception process.

Self-service during check-in

Visitor kiosks are employed for self-registration, visit applications, and check-in procedures.

Visitors manage the process independently, with the kiosk offering guidance as needed.

Within the kiosk, unique regulations (GDPR, NDA, distinct fields) are configured for each company, allowing the kiosk’s behavior to vary based on the company the visitor is attending.

QR codes and virtual keys send to mobile phone

Visitors receive SMS & email

Visitors to tenants receive intelligent SMS and email notifications containing QR codes and instructions on how to reach the property, complete the check-in process, and find their way to their destination.

Different tenants can have varied content in their messages to provide the best welcome for their visitors and guide them to the correct location.

World's Best First Impression™

The cloud-based visitor system assists each tenant in conveying their vision and graphic identity to every visitor through the integrated design features, ensuring that each guest is handled professionally. We help our clients deliver a “wow!”-factor to their visitors with every visit.

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