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Gunnebo is the world’s leading specialist in access control solutions. Our range of access control products is designed to create a secure environment, whether it’s entering a company’s lobby, a store, an entertainment area, an industrial site, or a subway station, without restricting mobility or working within locations with higher security requirements such as airports, embassies, nuclear power plants, and prisons. Learn more here: Gunnebo

How are Gunnebo Entrance Control speed gates integrated with PartnerSec’s APV platform?

Today, many property owners choose speed gates for their busiest commercial properties to enhance security. The integration between Gunnebo’s speed gates and the CavVisit visitor system is a well-considered step towards creating a secure and efficient environment for all visitors and employees within the property. NCC’s new headquarters, Uni3 by Geely, and more have chosen the CavVisit visitor system and Gunnebo’s speed gates, as the integration between the systems aligns with their vision of providing a professional and welcoming experience for their visitors in a secure and efficient manner.

Unregistered visitors can easily register themselves at CavVisit’s self-registration kiosk and swiftly pass through the speed gates using QR codes or mobile apps. Meanwhile, many landlords opt to implement CavVisit MS Outlook integration, which automatically captures all visitor invitations and guides them through the speed gates to the right person at the right time. Pre-registered guests receive their QR code for the speed gates the day before their visit for the smoothest experience possible. The integration with Gunnebo’s speed gates reduces administrative work, enhances security, and provides property owners with an overview of visitors.

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