Ready-To-Go Boxes. Access control have never been easier.

All hardware for the CampTrac access system comes in Ready-To-Go boxes at an unbeatable price. They contain everything you need to install the access system, in one box per door. Even an electric lock is included. Super simple, flexible and smart.

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What is included in the online RTG boxes?​

Each Ready-To-Go box meets different needs, but what they have in common is that they are designed to offer access systems for a door environment.

Door environment is a word that describes everything that is needed for an access system to work for a door.

Hardware to access control

The RTG boxes save money and simplify access systems in a new way.

The content of the Ready-To-Go box

This is included in the Online RTG boxes (you use one box per door);

Card reader

camptrac online kortläsare med knappsats

The card reader is used to open the door with PIN code, access card, tag, APP, SMS or QR code.

The card readers work just as well outdoors as indoors (down to -30c).

If you are unsure which card reader is right for you, contact us and we will help you.

Electric locks

The electric lock causes the door to open when a person with the right authority uses the card reader and wants to enter.

You can choose between getting an electric end plate or a magnetic lock in your RTG box. Electric lock and electric end plate use 12v and work together with the power supply that comes with it.

If you are not sure which lock is right for you, contact us and our professional access system experts will help you.

Exit button

Öppnaknapp Rostfritt stål

The exit button is used on the inside of the door when you want to open the door from the inside.

The exit button is made of stainless steel (IP54 rated) so that it will last a long time and can be mounted in an ordinary electrical box.

It also comes with a mounting spacer which allows you to mount it on the outside if you don’t have an electrical box where you want to put the open button.


CAS2-d1 central

The IoT sub-centre is the very brain of the door environment. It is as big as half a shoe box and all the parts in the door environment are connected to it (card reader, electric lock, etc.).

The sub-central communicates via the Internet to the access system’s cloud service.

The sub-central works even when the internet is down (if you use the backup).

Power supply

strömförsörjning passersystem

The power supply is built into the sub-central and supplies power to all parts of the access system.

Power supply comes with standard plug which is easily changed to fixed-mounted power for those who wish it. The power supply supplies 12-24 volts.

Battery backup

The backup ensures that the access system works when the power and internet are out.

It is an integrated part of the power supply located in the sub-central.

The backup uses a 12 volt battery that is easily plugged into the red and green connector. Battery not included.

Test cards

CampTrac kort

Test cards are used to test the system when all parts are installed.

When the access system is installed and put into operation, you need to be sure that it works fully and then the test cards come in handy.


The documentation is important for both the person who will install the system and the person who will use the system.

The documentation shows how the contents of the RTG box should be installed so that the access system gets started in the simplest possible way.

Online accesc controll or Offline access control?

The difference between Online and Offline is that the Online card reader communicates with the cloud service in real time and all events (someone opens a door, an alarm goes off, etc.) are registered at once. The online card readers are our most popular card readers where the Internet is available.

The offline card readers are not connected to the Internet but open the door based on information stored in an access card or by users using our APP to open the door.

As the offline card readers cannot talk to the cloud system in real time, the alarms are also not detected in cases where someone tampers with the door and opens it without access card or APP. The offline card readers are very suitable where there is no Internet or where the risk of damage is small.

A little bit of everything? You don’t have to choose! With us, you can freely mix between Online and Offline card readers – in the same system! Thanks to CampTrac’s unique system design, you can mix card readers freely in one and the same system and use online where there is internet and use Offline card readers where there is no internet.

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One Box Per Door. Everything You Need.​

There are 8 different Ready-To-Go boxes for different needs. The boxes contain everything you need to put CampTrac on your door, at an unbeatable price. You choose the boxes that suit your needs

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