Visitor management system

The CavVisit visitor management system is the market-leading visitor system that automatically handles visitors and guides them to their visitor receiver in a smooth and safe way.

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Visitor management system

The World’s best first impression

CavVisit is the receptionist’s best friend as it allows receptionists to determine how different visitors should be received and which parts they want the system to handle automatically, as well as which parts of the visitation process they want to manage themselves.

With CavVisit’s self-service kiosks, visitors can check in and register their visits themselves. QR codes are sent to visitors’ mobile phones and serve as both identification and access cards. The QR code automatically verifies the visitor’s identity upon arrival and checks them into the visitor system before allowing entry through the nearest door, gate, or speed gate.

Thanks to the built-in MS Outlook/Google Calendar pre-booking function, the reception knows in advance which visitors are coming and how many. With Outlook integration, all employees can automatically invite visitors without needing special tools or plugins. Visitors receive QR codes for self-check-in and check-out, creating a seamless visitor experience.

When the visitor presents the QR code to a QR code reader at the visitor kiosk, a professional visitor badge is automatically printed.

A visitor management system for everyone

With CavVisit, the perfect first impression is tailored for your visitors. Regardless of how you want to greet your visitors or what information you want to provide them with, the visitor management system CavVisit handles it. Trust us. Sweden’s largest companies do.

Receive visitors everywhere

PartnerSec is the right option for those who want to use secure, cloud-based visitor management systems. The visitor system has an extensive flora of functions that cover most needs.  Our systems are based on more than 100 years of collective experience in security solutions in various industries.

Visitor management system -
The smart choice

Automatic updates, web-based interfaces, built-in schedules, automatic GDPR processes, encryption, mobile keys, and much more make PartnerSec the right choice for the company that wants to use modern security solutions.

CavVisit’s functions

PartnerSec’s visitor management system contains a range of functions that are adapted to the needs of each business.

The receptionist's and tenant's best friend

CavVisit adapts to each tenant. The tenant gets their own little world in CavVisit with their own integrations (Outlook, AD, Google, etc.), their own design on visitor badges, their own SMS/email messages, and more. The reception has an overview and sees all parts, while each tenant only sees their own information.


Integrations automate

With the help of integrations such as MS Outlook, Google Calendar, access system, MS Active Directory, and many more, the booking of visitors, the acquisition of visitor receivers, and the processes that flow visitors to the right place at the right time are automated.


Designed Check-IN kiosks

The visitors manage their arrival with the help of the automatic check-in kiosk – from parking to notifying the visitor receiver of the visitor’s arrival. Our check-in kiosks are tailored to raise the graphic profile of the business.

Professional invitations and reminders

Before the meeting, the visitor management system automatically sends information and QR codes via e-mail and SMS to help visitors to the right place at the right time. Well in advance of the meeting, the visitor system also automatically reminds you that the meeting will take place.

Visitor management system

Many organizations, in many different industries, have visitor management as a large and important part of everyday life. In order for the visiting process to proceed as smoothly as possible, most of these organizations use a visiting system. The system aims to give visitors access to the parts of the company’s facilities that are relevant to the visit – but that is not all. With a high-quality and comprehensive visitor management system, other parts of the business can also be made more efficient. Things such as appointment booking and check-ins can be made easier, for example, if the right system is used.

CavVisit is one of these visitor management systems. Welcome to us!

The CavVisit Visitor Management System

CavVisit is one of the market’s most advanced and multifaceted visitor management system. It can be easily configured according to your organization’s specific needs and is very user-friendly. This breadth means that our modular visitor system can be used by companies, organizations, and associations of varying sizes and in all industries. We see the adaptability of CavVisit as one of our visitor system’s most important USPs.

In this text, we will present the visitor management system in depth. Among other things, we will talk about some of the most common customer groups we work with. We will also present CavVisit’s various functions and how they can be used in the best way.

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Who uses visitor management system?

It has been mentioned before and it bears mentioning several times; A good visitor management system can be crucial for companies and organizations in many different industries. It is this fact that has led us at PartnerSec to develop a system that can be configured for any organization. Our module-based visitor system CavVisit is used today by a wide range of companies in various industries.

Below are some of the industries in which visitor management systems are a crucial part of the business.

Professional companies

A professional first impression is extremely important for companies and businesses that receive visitors. The CavVisit visitor management system is adapted to convey the company’s vision and message to the visitors throughout their stay. Advanced graphic tools and process frameworks make it possible to create a unique experience for visitors that they will carry with them after the visit is over. The visitor system also ensures that visitors are informed about rules that apply to the facility, including GDPR. CavVisit is aimed at companies that want to be perceived as modern, aware, and professional.

Public operations

How many visits are made to Swedish municipalities, regions, and government agencies, daily? Few industries are as characterized by visitor management as the public sector. The need for visitor management systems is thus very high. Not only that the number of visits is often significantly greater than in many other industries, but there is also a greater focus on rules and laws regarding who should have access to what. With CavVisit’s module-based visitor system, everyday life for public operations of various kinds can become significantly easier. The system can be adapted to the specific business and its need, and is easily used by both the organization and the visitors.


Compliance, follow-up, and efficiency are essential for all industries. Production and delivery must take place quickly and smoothly, while other parts of the business must be carried out seamlessly. One such part is, of course, visitor management. In industrial environments, visits of many different kinds take place. Customers, business partners, subcontractors, and others require temporary access to the company’s facilities. At the same time, there are a lot of security rules to deal with when it comes to exactly who should have access to what. A high-quality visitor management system allows this process to be easily controlled. A visitor system like CavVisit – simple!

Properties with multiple tenants - Multi-tenant

CavVisit offers multi-tenant properties the ability to fully or partially automate reception services. Today’s reception is different from the past. Previously, a receptionist was someone confined to the reception area, waiting for the next visitor. Nowadays, the receptionist has many more responsibilities and often handles various needs of the property beyond just being present at the reception.

CavVisit allows you to determine how much of the visitation process should be automated. During times when the receptionist may be unavailable, you can rest assured that CavVisit automatically manages visitor handling.

The Functions of The Visitor Management System

Are you considering using CavVisit in your business? Then you are probably curious about the visitor management system’s functions. In this section, we will present the system’s functionality in more detail. If you are missing a description of any feature, please contact us for a full specification.

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Visitor management

CavVisit is developed to give both visitors and staff the world’s best first impression of our customers. This is the basis of our entire business. The visitor system we developed aims to convey both the company’s graphic identity and vision, every day. Our self-service kiosks make the visit smooth, both for the company and for the visitor in question. A QR code is sent to the visitor’s phone. This aims to both identify the person concerned and give them access to the company’s premises. At the same time as the visitor, in a smooth way, is given access, the company can overview all visits that have taken place, are taking place, or are to take place. The visitor system reduces the need for physical contact as it automates the entire visiting process.

Automated check-out

QR codes are the key to flexibility when it comes to visitor management systems. When it is time for the visitor to leave, they read their code on the way out. This means that they are automatically checked out without the need to meet the receptionist to check out manually. The visitor system is also developed so that check-out takes place even if the visitor in question forgets to do so with their QR code. The company itself decides whether this should take place at the end of the day or whether access should be granted for a longer period of time.

Automatic collection of visitor receivers

For the company that uses CavVisit, the collection of visitor receivers takes place automatically. This is made possible by integrations such as MS Active Directory in combination with the RESTFul API – the system’s integration interface. This automation can significantly facilitate operations in various industries. The system is constantly updated, and new people can be added and removed from the system easily.

Multi-site and visitor management system

Among our customers are businesses that in turn rent premises to other companies. It is for these businesses that we developed CavVisit multi-site. The visitor management system gives the landlord a good overview of the companies and organizations that need to be granted access. In some cases, it may be about different physical locations (Facilities), and in other cases, it is about different premises in a multi-story building.

For tenants and visitors

All tenants are given access to the parts of the building that belong to them and to which, according to the landlord, they must have access to. The visitor management system also enables the sending of both messages and invitations to tenants and visitors.

For our costumer

Not only does the visitor management system automate the stay for tenants and visitors. CavVisit Multi-site also provides an extremely good overview of the company’s premises and guests for the main administrator. As a tenant, you are given an overview of and access to your own business. As the main administrator, you are also given insight and control over the entire system. PartnerSec’s customers often mention this as one of the best features of the visitor system. We understand them!

Evacuation and gathering

CavVisit is used to ensure the safety of tenants, staff, and visitors. If any unforeseen event requiring evacuation and gathering occurs, an SMS is automatically sent notifying of the situation. The message that is sent clearly states what needs to be done and where to meet. Namely, it contains: 1) An evacuation map, 2) Information about the gathering point and 3) A confirmation link through which they announce their location. At the same time as the SMS goes out an email is also sent to those responsible for the evacuation. In the email, these people can see how the evacuation is going in real time. Something that makes it possible to take quick measures if necessary.

Queue system and visitor management system

Many organizations, in various industries, are in need of queuing systems for visitors. Our visitor system has a very flexible, built-in queue system. Visitors press a button at a CavVisit self-service kiosk and then receive a queue slip printed out. Thanks to the flexible administrative interface, the administrator can get a clear picture of the queue situation. For example, it is shown how many visitors are in the queue and the time they waited is clearly visible in the visitor system.

Can’t find what you are looking for about visitor management systems?

The functions mentioned above are only a draft of what CavVisit’s visitor system can be used for. The system is modular and easy to tailor according to a customer’s specific needs. It is this adaptability that has contributed to our visitor system becoming the market leader. If you do not find what you need, we recommend that you contact us. We offer a free demonstration of our visitor management system to everyone.

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Visitor management systems and the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly reduced the occurrence of physical meetings. This, therefore, had the consequence that the need for visitor management decreased during the most intensive periods. As society opens up again, organizations in all industries now realize how important an effective visitor system actually is. Being able to flexibly grant temporary access to visitors, being able to flexibly book meetings, and having a good overview of the company’s facilities and guests can be incredibly decisive for many businesses.

At PartnerSec, we have for many years seen an increased need for our visitor management system. As the pandemic wears off and people increasingly begin to see others physically, this need has intensified.

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