SMS keys

The SMS Key™ are virtual keys (one or more) that you can send to a user’s smartphone via SMS. The SMS Key™ appears as links on the user’s phone that they click to open a door.

The purpose of the SMS Key™ is to give a user access to one or more doors for a certain period of time without having to issue smart cards or give them physical keys.

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Temporary access cards, contractors, truck drivers

And of course, you can send them to anyone/anywhere as long as they have a smartphone (any smartphone). No APP is required!

The CampTrac administrator can easily issue an SMS Key™ to a user at any time. This feature saves time, resources and reduces the stress of having to be in a specific place at a specific time to hand over an access card or hand out keys.

The SMS key opens any door or barrier that uses the CampTrac Online card reader.

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