Digitalt Queue System

The digital queue management system offers users the option to receive a digital queue ticket on their mobile phones via SMS. When there are a predetermined number of numbers left until the user’s turn, a new SMS reminder is sent to the user.

Visitors can choose to stay or leave to run errands while waiting for their turn. In advance, SMS reminders are sent to notify them when their turn is approaching.

Additionally, the queue system supports the printing of paper queue tickets to accommodate those without mobile phones or who have difficulty using them.

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Digitalt Queue System

The World's Best First Impression

The queue system is customized for each kiosk and customer to ensure optimal functionality in your business. With the intelligent self-registration kiosks, both appearance and function are adapted so that the digital queue system works for everyone regardless of age or disabilities.

The digital queue system is a module within the automatic visitation system CavVisit.

A digital queue system for all businesses

With CavVisit, the perfect first impression for your visitors is tailored to your needs. No matter how you want to welcome your visitors or what information you want to share with them, the CavVisit visitor management system handles it all. Trust us. Sweden’s largest companies do.

Multiple queues in the same system

Our system offers the option to set up multiple queues for different purposes. With multiple queues, queue management can be streamlined as each queue is tailored to the unique needs of the visitor.

Digital queuing system from PartnerSec - The Smart Choice

Automatic updates, web-based interfaces, built-in schedules, automatic GDPR processes, encryption, mobile keys, and much more make PartnerSec the right choice for businesses looking to utilize modern security solutions.

The functions of the queue system

PartnerSec’s digital queue system contains a range of functions tailored to the needs of each business.

The reception's best friend

Every queue is its own world. Every queue has its unique settings, integrations, design, SMS, and reminders. Every queue has its own design of queue ticket, making it easy for the visitor to know which queue and which number applies to them. The reception has a “helicopter view” and can see all queues and manage them from one interface.


Traceability and Statistics

A digital queue system provides efficient traceability and statistics. The administrator can generate reports for individual queues, multiple queues, or all queues in the system.

The statistics can be exported to Excel, PDF, XML, and several other formats, making it easy to present data in a smooth manner.

Designed queue kiosks

The queue kiosks for the digital queue system are customized for each installation. Design and function are adapted to fit your business.

The queue kiosk can be supplemented with input fields. The input fields are for digital queues where visitors need to enter their name, personal identification number, or other information to receive a queue ticket.

The queue kiosks are tailored to enhance the graphical profile of the business.

Professional queue tickets and reminders

Each queue has its own setting for when a reminder should be sent. The digital queue system uses SMS with interactive web links, making the system suitable for all users, and they don’t need to use an app.

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The functions of the queue system

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Evacuation and Gathering

In the digital queue system, there is a module for evacuation. If an unforeseen event requiring evacuation and gathering occurs, an SMS is automatically sent, notifying about the situation. The message clearly outlines what should be done and where to meet. It includes: 1) Evacuation map, 2) Information about the gathering point, and 3) A confirmation link through which individuals can report their location. Simultaneously, an email is sent to the responsible parties for the evacuation. In the email, these individuals can oversee the evacuation progress in real-time, enabling quick actions if needed.

Queue system and visitor management system

Many organizations, across different industries, require visitor management systems for certain types of visitors. Our digital queue system is a module within the automated visitor management system CavVisit, thus providing a complete solution for managing visitors who need to sign in. Thanks to the streamlined administrative interface, the administrator can have a clear overview of all visitors and digital queues.

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The beforementioned features are just a draft of what a digital queue system from us can be used for. The system is modular and easy to customize according to a customer’s specific needs. If you can’t find what you need, we recommend contacting us. We offer free demonstrations of our queue system to everyone.

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Digital queue systems and the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that gatherings around a queue system are outdated and impractical. With a digital queue system from us, your business can choose to use digital queue tickets via SMS or print paper tickets. This way, visitors can choose to maintain distance and carry out errands while waiting for their turn.

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