What is multi-site?

CavVisit’s Multi-site Functionality offers a powerful solution for larger businesses that have several local offices, tenants, departments or administrations. With this function, each business can create its own unique “facilities” in the visitor system. Each facility acts as its own world within the system and contains separate tasks and settings for users, visitors, visitors, integrations, messages and much more.

multi site

The advantages of CavVisit’s multi-site

  • Create Structure and Overview: With CavVisit Multi-site Functionality, larger businesses can create a clear structure and overview of their various local units, departments or administrations. Each facility has its own settings and data, which provides an organized and efficient management of visitor administration.
  • Helicopter View for Key Administrators: Key administrators get a helicopter view of all facilities, giving them the ability to have overall control over the entire operation. This function provides centralized administration and the ability to quickly overview all devices.
  • Secure and Customized Access: Local administrators and receptionists only have access to their own facilities and the data belonging to them. This ensures that sensitive information and visitor data are only accessible to the relevant users, increasing security and privacy.
  • Customized Settings and Integrations: Each facility has its own unique settings and integrations, allowing for customization according to each device’s specific needs and requirements. This provides flexibility and adaptability to meet the unique requirements of different businesses.
  • Efficient Visitor Administration: With CavVisit Multi-site Functionality, visitor administration becomes more efficient and more structured. Each facility manages its own visitor information and communication, reducing the risk of mix-ups and improving the visitor experience for all parties involved.


CavVisit’s Multi-site Functionality is the perfect solution for larger businesses with multiple local offices, tenants, departments or administrations. Create an organized and customized visitor administration with separate facilities that function as their own worlds within the system. Main administrators have a helicopter view of all facilities, while local administrators and receptionists have access to their own devices. Custom settings, integrations and secure access improve the efficiency and security of visitor administration. Take control of your business’ visitor administration today with CavVisit’s powerful Multi-site Functionality. Contact us now to take part in this advanced solution and optimize your business for a successful visitor experience!

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