Evacuation system

The evacuation system is an automatic evacuation system that sends personalized messages to all people in the facility with self-service links where they update their own evacuation status as well as attached instructions and interactive maps. The cloud-based evacuation system is safe, simple, and smooth to use regardless of how many buildings or facilities you want to secure.

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Evacuations have never been safer

In case of evacuation, the integrated evacuation system sends out maps, instructions and individual self-service links to the evacuation portal where staff and visitors report their own status. Administrators and emergency personnel can see the status of all people in the facility, in real-time, as well as contact information for them so they can contact those who have not reported their status or have not arrived at the collection point yet.

The next generation evacuation system

With smart card readers, CampTrac makes it easy for users to open doors securely via mobile phone or access card.

The evacuation system protects what matters

The evacuation system is the market’s first evacuation system designed as an IT system. That means it’s built, from the ground up, to be simple, secure, and really fast.

When you want to be safe, choose our evacuation system

Choosing our evacuation system is choosing a solution that is modern, flexible and smart. Thanks to its unique flexibility, the system is tailored to suit your exact needs.

The Functions of The Evacuation System

PartnerSec’s evacuation system contains a range of functions that are adapted to the needs of each business.

Self-service system

The evacuation system is a so-called self-service system, which means that all people at the facility receive an individualized SMS with instructions and links, which makes it clear that the evacuation alarm is for them and should not be ignored.

For fire safety officers

The system gives fire safety officers and evacuation managers a very clear tool where they can see exactly everyone inside the facility, their status (what they have reported via the evacuation portal) and their contact details so they can easily track everyone down, but also prioritize those who has not yet updated their status.

Connects to fire alarm and evacuation alarm

The evacuation system is cloud-based and must be used via mobile phones, tablets and PCs. The system is connected to the fire alarms and other types of alarm systems to be initiated automatically in the event of an evacuation alarm.

Automatic collection

The evacuation system is a module of the visitor system CavVisit and the access system CampTrac. When the facility uses CavVisit and CampTrac it is automatically collected which employees are at the facility and which visitors/consultants are at the facility.

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