Built-in payment system in the access control system

Now you can charge for services and products via the access system. Each card reader turns into a payment reader and you choose which card readers take payment.


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Payments have never been easier

Thanks to the fact that the payment system is cloud-based and an integrated part of the access system, we can set up the entire system for you before you start, which means that you can get started immediately. The users load their own access cards with money themselves and pay for the services you offer via the card readers.

Welcome to the market’s smoothest payment system.

The next generation payment system

Every card reader can be a payment reader that offers a service or product. No matter what you want to offer to your customers, we can help you with your own payment system.

Users take care of themselves

The payment functionality is designed in such a way that you get your own payment system. This means that an employee or guest can load money into their CampTrac account which can then be used in your CampTrac system.

Pre-paid or Post-paid?

Pre-paid means to pay in advance. When you use pre-paid, the money is loaded onto the access card, which is then used in the CampTrac system to take payment. Post-paid means paying arrears. No money is loaded onto the card, but users buy goods and services on credit (just like a credit card) and pay after a certain time.

The Functions of The Payment System

PartnerSec’s access system contains a range of functions that are adapted to the needs of each business.

Fixed amounts via card reader

Each card reader charges a fixed amount that you decide. If you want to control an electricity pole, you can take e.g. 20 SEK for a certain amount of kWh. To control the amount of kWh, you connect a kWh meter to the card reader. If you wish to control a solenoid valve for hot water, you can charge 10 SEK for 10 minutes.

Different amounts during the day

If you want to optimize how your users buy services, you can charge different fees at different times during the day. For example, it is popular to charge the car in the evenings and on weekends. Then you can charge less on the day to attract paying users during the day as well.

If you want to charge for showers in service houses on campsites, it is more popular to shower from 5-7 pm than at other times of the day. You can charge less on the day to attract showering guests for the rest of the day.

Offline – Money is loaded onto the access card

When you choose to pay via our offline card readers, the money must be loaded onto the access card. When a person wants to use the payment system (via offline card readers), they can load money onto the access card using our loading machine or with the help of a receptionist/administrator. When the money is loaded on the access card, they can then pay for services and products via the card readers.

Online – Money is loaded onto the account

When you use online card readers (card readers connected to CampTrac Cloud) and you want to charge for services, the money must be added to the user’s account. Every person who wants to pay for services through your card readers has an account in CampTrac. In this account, the user must load money either via an external payment service, receptionist/administrator, or APP (coming in 2022).

Payment system with loading kiosk

The loading kiosk, which is an integrated part of the payment system, helps users to top up money on their cards or their accounts.

When the user loads money into the payment system via the loading kiosk, they can choose between loading money with VISA/Mastercard or Swish.

With the loading kiosk, you, as a CampTrac customer, receive daily reports of how much money users have loaded onto their CampTrac cards, tags, or the APP.

The loading kiosk is an industrial PC with a built-in card reader that is IP68-rated. It is designed for sitting outdoors in all weathers.

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What is a payment system?

A payment system aims to offer services and products via the access system for all users who have the right to use the payment system. It helps companies, organizations, and associations to offer services and products that were previously only available by an employee being on site and providing, in a flexible way, the possibility to pay for services and products. The payment system is strengthened by the fact that it is an integrated part of the access system and can use built-in protection.

Does it sound good? Then let us present CampTrac, PartnerSec’s access system with built-in payment functionality.

CampTrac – Access system with built-in world-class payment system

CampTrac is a combined payment and access system. The system is built to be used by varying types of customers. From large companies with extensive office complexes to smaller organizations and facilities, CampTrac is used. It is the payment system’s breadth and accessibility for everyone that got us to where we are today. We are very proud of this.

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APV system

CampTrac is an APV system. The A stands for Access Control, P stands for Payment System and V stands for Visitor Management. These three overall functions describe the broad field of use that our access system has. The end user can therefore both access facilities and make payments, while you, the customer, have a good overview. This with the help of only an access card, tag, or virtual key in our APP.

Below we will tell you more about the many functions of our payment system. We will also talk about the choices you as our customer have when it comes to your solution.

The Functions of The Payment System

CampTrac is an access system with a built-in payment system that can be used in many areas. This is precisely what was our goal when we developed the system. We want all customers, large and small, to be able to use our access system for the purposes that they need to satisfy.

This is what it might look like:

Access control system

The A in APV stands for Access Control, and this is a very central part of the access system we have built. As PartnerSec’s customer, you ask yourself the question: What do I want the end user in question to have access to? The virtual key that a customer gets can be adapted according to what applies in the specific case. It could, for example, be about access to a certain room in a hotel. It may also be about access to some facilities but not others. You choose and the access system makes sure it’s right.

Payment system

Any user who can show an access card to a card reader can also pay for services and products that they want to sell through the card readers. Via the CampTrac card readers, you can sell charging for electric cars, access to toilets, hot water in showers, access to guest cabins, rent out canoes and small boats, sell soft drinks and water, and much more.

Visitor management system

CampTrac is deeply integrated into the visitor system CavVisit, which is the visitor system in our APV platform. With CavVisit’s self-service kiosks, visitors manage their visits. QR codes are sent to the visitors’ mobile phones and serve as both identity and access cards. With the help of the QR code, the identity of the visitor can be determined upon arrival and, automatically, check in the visitor and let the visitor in through the nearest speed gate. The system offers automatic check-in, check-out, Outlook integration, AD integration, and other possible services. This is possible and is a big step in the right direction for efficiency.

Outdoor solutions

To match all needs, we have developed solutions for access systems that are suitable for all weather conditions. Our access card readers are weather resistant and can withstand cold temperatures as low as -25°C. This makes them extremely suitable for customers whose facilities are partially or exclusively outdoors.

Indoor solutions

The access card readers we use in our access systems are ideal for facilities where there are a large number of doors. Examples of such customers are office properties, offices, conference facilities, and industrial facilities.

Alternative payment methods

At PartnerSec, we like choices. It is this approach that led us to develop a pass system with a variety of payment methods. When you use CampTrac, you can choose how you want your customers/guests to pay. Should they loan money on the card and then pay? Or do you perhaps want each purchase to take place as a transaction, like a payment card? You choose and we make sure to adapt the payment and access system according to your wishes.

Card readers with keypad

The CampTrac access system card reader can be supplied with buttons. This enables our customers to give their guests/customers access using a code. This code can be easily changed and the access system can also be set so that the code lock is switched on at a certain time of the day. Smooth and simple for everyone involved.


All CampTrac card readers, both online and offline variants, are 100% waterproof. In addition to this, as we mentioned earlier, they can also withstand the elements very effectively. They work in a range between -25°C and +65°C.


The access system is available in several different languages. This enables the same platform to be used by a large number of users in different countries. If the language a customer wants to use is not available, you can easily translate it yourself.

Are you wondering anything about our payment system?

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The benefits of the payment system

We have talked about it before, but are happy to talk more about the benefit (or benefits) of our payment system. After all, this is what made CampTrac one of the market’s most popular payment system for businesses with card readers. Below are some of the benefits that our payment system can bring to a business:

The payment system that can control everything

Anything that can be controlled via a relay or a software command, you can now charge for. Our own CAS2-D1 central (IoT subcentral) is connected to what you want to charge for. All you need is power and an internet connection.

Integrate with the payment system

Many of our customers have other system that want to integrate with our payment system. They do this easily with our modern REST API.

Quick to introduce

Starting to use the payment system takes days. We help you with setup, training, and “tips and tricks” to ensure that your users use the system as much as possible.

Reduced hot water consumption with 40%

Our customers who control access to warm water in showers reduce, on average, their hot water consumption by 40% and increase their revenue for hot water several times over.

Increased subletting of cabins and premises

Our customers who rent outhouses and conference rooms have increased their spontaneous rental by more than 100% since they introduced the payment system.

Conference – access and payment

The payment system is perfect for conference facilities where you want to give guests a card that both functions as an access card and contains a sum of money that they can use in different parts of the facility.

The administrator sees everything

Finally, we want to talk about the direct benefit of our payment system for you as an administrator. When you choose CampTrac, you can easily review and change the system, wherever you are in the world. This is made possible by the fact that the system is both cloud- and web-based.

Charge with card, tag or APP

As CampTrac’s payment system can be used by companies and organizations in various industries, our solution must also vary. It is this fact that is the basis for the various digital means of payment that we offer.


The CampTrac card is a combined access card and payment card that you buy from us. The card works in the CampTrac system and can be used as an access card in most other access systems on the market. Our unique CampTrac Card™ makes it easier for guests at offices and campsites around the country on a daily basis.


Tags are small and easy to carry everywhere. Your users can get a CampTrac Tag that works both as an access card and as a payment card.


The APP is the universal solution for allowing users to pay for services and products of all CampTrac customers. The user loads money into the APP and can then spend it at all CampTrac-connected facilities.

PartnerSec – Experts on access control systems, payment systems and visitor management systems

We are proud to be able to offer one of the market’s best solutions when it comes to visitor management systems and access control systems. CampTrac helps companies, organizations, and associations of carrying size and industry – in Sweden and in other countries. Do you want to know more about how our access system can help your business? We offer a free demonstration of CampTrac to anyone who requests it.

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