Multi-tenant properties can be complex to manage with unique requirements for each tenant and different levels of security. The cloud-based PartnerSec APV platform with visitor management and  access control is designed to handle exactly this type of challenge. In the system, each tenant has its unique settings, integration, employees, visitors and much more.

How does it work?

The Property and Tenants​

We deliver a base license of the cloud-based APV platform (Access, Payment, Visitor) to the property. Then each tenant chooses their own add-ons such as MS Active Directory integration, MS Outlook integration, Google Workspace integration, access control integration, wifi codes and so on. In this way, the house receives a state-of-the-art visitor system for all tenants, but all integrations are the responsibility of the tenants themselves.

By doing this we can tailor the experience that the tenants want to give their visitors with unique SMS, email, QR codes and much more.

virtual keys used in access control

Visitor Management for Multi-tenant buildings

Cloud based Visitor Management

Speed gates opened with qr code

Control speed gates using QR codes

The cloud-based visitor system issues QR codes to visitors, which are used to open speed gates and pass them on to their visitor recipient.

With QR codes for visitors, the property owner increases security in the property while creating a professional reception.

touch screen self registration visitor management

Self-service when registering

Visitor kiosks are used to register, request a visit and check in.

The visitors take care of themselves and the kiosk guides them if necessary.

In the kiosk, there are unique rules (GDPR, NDA, different fields) per company so that the kiosk behaves differently depending on which company the visitor visits.

QR codes and virtual keys send to mobile phone

Visitor recives SMS messages and email with QR codes

Visitors to tenants receive intelligent SMS and email containing a QR code and instructions for how the visitor should get to the property as well as how to check in and how to get to their visit.

Different tenants can have different content in their messages to best welcome their visitors and guide them to the right place.

The Worlds Best First Impression™

The cloud-based visitor system helps each tenant convey their vision and graphic profile to each visitor using the built-in design features that ensure each guest is handled professionally. We help our customers give their visitors the “wow!” effect on every visit.

Manage Visitors Automatically

With the help of our intelligent integration tools, information about a visit is retrieved automatically so that the meeting is booked automatically, visitors and visitors are notified automatically and visitors are checked in and out, automatically.

The CavVisit visitor system is designed from the ground up to automate visitor flows so that visitors and visitors can focus on the meeting.

With or without reception?​

A receptionist today is rarely a pure “receptionist” but more of an Office Manager. An Office Manager is a person who is responsible for the practical operation of the office. They organize everything from coffee, conference rooms, mail and delivery, cleaning services and not least visitors.

CavVisit offers multi-tenant businesses to fully or partially automate the reception. Some businesses require staff presence at the reception due to internal routines, identity checks and the like.

Many customers want to partially automate visitor management and use CavVisit as support for reception operations. Then the system is set according to those wishes.

Other properties want to fully automate the reception and visitor management, and then we provide the services that help with that.

The tenants take care of themselves

Each tenant gets a login to the cloud-based service where they can see and control their part of the system.

Some tenants have their own receptions and then they use the automatic visitor system CavVisit as their own visitor system with their own integrations. They see their part of the system at the same time as the property owner has a “helicopter view” of all tenants.

If the tenant does not have a front desk, their part of the visitor system is set up to be automatic and their IT staff can log in as needed.

If you choose PartnerSec, you make the right choice

Modern cloud-based systems, integrations that automate, email and SMS, encrypted data, mobile APPs, QR codes, market-leading support and service, and more than 100 years of combined experience in IT and security systems.

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