With the APP, a user (a person who needs to open doors in one or more locations) can access doors and barriers with a simple click of a button. The user can also use a QR code that acts as an access card.

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Employees, members, contractors, VIP guests

The APP is very practical when you give users access to doors and spaces without having to be close and issue access cards or tags.

The APP lends itself well to staff, members of gyms or associations, temporary contractors, and VIP guests.

One APP – all access systems

The APP is a so-called ”multi-site” APP, which means that it allows users to have access to several locations (several CampTrac customers) in one APP. In this way, they user can have an APP for all locations where CampTrac is used.

This means that if, for example, the user’s workplace uses CampTrac as an access system, the APP will display an account containing all virtual keys from the workplace and if the user’s gym also uses CampTrac, there will be another account with keys for the gym in the APP. If the user then books a place at a campsite, this account will also appear in the APP.

The APP can have an unlimited number of accounts and keys from different locations that use CampTrac and each account follows the account issuer’s unique rules and validity period (workplace, camping, gym, ski lodge, retirement homes, etc.).
The APP opens any door or barrier that uses the CampTrac Online card reader.

Simple and smart, right?

The APP is free to download for all end users.

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