QR Codes, Visitor Systems, and Speed Gates: A New Era for Museum Entry Tickets

The integration of QR codes into mobile applications, speed gates, and visitor systems has revolutionized ticket sales and entry processes at museums. This enables a smoother and more efficient experience for both visitors and museum staff when using QR codes for visitor entry.

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Revolutionary Museum Experience with QR Codes

The integration of QR codes in mobile applications, speed gates, and visitor systems has revolutionized ticket sales and entry processes at museums. These technological advancements enable a smoother and more efficient experience for both visitors and museum staff when using QR codes in a museum setting.

QR Codes in Mobile: A New Standard for Museum Tickets

First and foremost, QR codes on mobile devices have become a convenient and secure method for managing museum tickets. Visitors can easily purchase tickets online via the museum’s website or a dedicated app. After the purchase is complete, a QR code is generated and saved in the visitor’s mobile device. This QR code serves as an electronic ticket and contains all the necessary information about the visit, including time and date. By using QR codes for museums, the need for physical tickets is avoided, reducing the risk of lost or stolen tickets.

Speed Gates: Efficient Entry with QR Code Technology

Speed gates are another crucial component in this automated process. These advanced doors equipped with QR code readers and sensors are installed at the museum’s entrances. When a visitor approaches the speed gate, the QR code on their mobile device is automatically scanned, and if the information is correct and valid, the gate opens. This enables quick and seamless entry for visitors without the need for manual verification or handling of physical tickets.

The Role of Visitor Management Systems: Smooth Handling of Museum Capacity

The visitor management system is the brain behind the entire operation. It integrates with the booking system and has a central database containing information about all booked visits, visitors’ QR codes, and the museum’s capacity. When visitors pass through the speed gate, their arrival is registered in the system, and the capacity is automatically updated. This provides museum staff with real-time insight into the number of visitors and enables efficient management of visitor flow.

Advantages of Automated Museum Visitor Management and QR Codes

This automated process brings several advantages when utilizing QR codes at the museum. Firstly, it reduces the risk of queues forming at the museum entrances, thereby enhancing visitors’ experience by minimizing wait times. Additionally, it decreases the workload for staff regarding ticket checks, freeing them to focus on providing visitors with a more rewarding experience within the museum. Furthermore, this system enables the museum to gather valuable data on visitor patterns and preferences, which can be utilized to tailor and enhance the museum experience in the future.


In summary, the integration of QR codes and museum-specific solutions like speed gates and visitor management systems can automate and optimize ticket sales and entry processes at museums. This creates a smoother and more convenient experience for visitors while facilitating the museum’s ability to manage and optimize visitor flow. These technological advancements serve as an excellent example of how innovation can enhance cultural institutions and make them more accessible to everyone.

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With CavVisit, the perfect first encounter for your visitors is tailored. No matter how you wish to greet your visitors or what information you want to convey, the visitor system CavVisit manages it. Trust us. Sweden’s largest companies and organizations do.

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Receive visitors automatically.

The cloud-based visitation system CavVisit has a built-in rule engine where visitation processes are customized for each installation and location. Each location has its own unique rules for automatically receiving visitors.

QR codes to mobile devices

In the automated reception, we send QR codes to visitors’ mobile phones via SMS. The visitor doesn’t need a visitor badge; instead, they use their mobile phone to show the QR code to the QR code reader.

Matching the right visitors to the right floor

The automatic reception guides the visitor automatically to the right floor through integration with the elevators in the building. The QR code only works on the floors the visitor is authorized to access.

The smart choice

Automatic updates, web-based interfaces, built-in schedules, automated GDPR/NDA processes, encryption, mobile keys, and much more make PartnerSec the right choice for unmanned receptions looking to use modern security solutions.

CavVisit's features

PartnerSec’s visitation system includes a range of features tailored to the needs of each business.

QR code-based Check-in and Identification

A QR code-based check-in enables visitors to quickly and easily register upon arrival. Visitors should be able to generate or receive QR codes in advance and then scan them at a visitor kiosk or a QR code reader at the entrance. This allows for a seamless and contactless check-in process, minimizing queues and increasing efficiency.

Authorization Control and Access Management

The automatic reception should have a mechanism to ensure that only authorized visitors gain access to specific areas or buildings. This can be achieved by linking QR codes to visitors’ permissions. When the QR code is scanned, the system should automatically verify the visitor’s permissions and grant the appropriate access. This is particularly important for companies with different security levels and restrictions for various areas.

Visitor logging and security tracking

A central function is to log visitors’ activities and information. Visitor logs include the time of check-in, name, contact details, and purpose of the visit. These details are not only important for ensuring security but also for tracking and monitoring visitor patterns. If something unexpected occurs, the organization can easily trace visitors and contact them if necessary.

Customizability and Integration

The automatic reception should be customizable to fit the specific needs and requirements of the company. It should be possible to integrate the system with existing security and network infrastructures. Additionally, it should be scalable to meet future demands and technological advancements. Integration with other systems, such as network access control, can also be an important feature to provide a comprehensive solution for visitor management.

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