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CavVisit is the perfect automated visitor management system. The system is designed to handle various processes and needs of different kinds. It is cloud-based and completely replaces the manual visitor log. When you turn to us at PartnerSec to get our automated visitor management system, we assist with all aspects, from start to finish.

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CavVisit - A visitor management system with QR code

CavVisit is a comprehensive, cloud-based system whose modules can meet the various needs of many municipalities. Below is a list of the modules that come with the visitor management system and can be customized according to your municipality’s specific requirements.

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The self-registration kiosk allows visitors to register themselves, consent to GDPR/NDA, automatically print a visitor badge, and notify the host via SMS and email that the visitor is waiting. The system can also be configured so that the visitor sends a meeting request to a host, who can approve or decline it before the visit can take place.

Parking Management

Do you have a need to provide customers with temporary parking spaces? Then CavVisit is the automated visitation system for you. You can easily register the visitor’s license plate and specify how long the parking will be available for them.


Manual check-in at the reception is no longer necessary. With our automated visitor management system, you can easily welcome visitors by providing them with the option for automatic check-in. They gain access through a QR code sent in advance. At the kiosk, they scan the QR code and may need to provide any missing details (phone number, etc.), agree to GDPR/NDA, and print a visitor badge if needed.

Open doors using a QR code

A QR code can be sent to the visitor, granting them access to the doors they are authorized to enter. Once the visitor has opened the door using the QR code, the host receives a notification that the visitor has arrived, and the meeting can commence.

Reception Client

A good automated visitor management system is one that provides a comprehensive overview. This is the case with the cloud-based CavVisit. The visitor management system allows staff to easily oversee who is present in the premises.

Access control system integration

Our automated visitor management system allows you to integrate with access control systems. This enables visitors to access specific areas during a specific time period. This can be customized entirely according to each situation.

Access control system with APP and QR codes

The automated visitation system has its own access control system as an integrated module. The visitation system’s access control system can send QR codes to visitors as well as SMS keys, allowing visitors to, for example, open an outer door or gate to access a check-in kiosk securely. With SMS keys, visitors and contractors can open selected doors to the company using their mobile phones.

Pre-registration in web portal

CavVisit’s automated visitor management system comes with a complete web portal where employees can pre-book and manage their own or colleagues’ visits. It enables smooth pre-registration of individual visitors and groups, functioning seamlessly on both computers and smartphones.

Group management

CavVisit is designed to handle complex meetings, regardless of composition. The automated visitation system allows you to manage groups of visitors as easily as individuals.

Evacuation system

The evacuation system is an automatic evacuation system that, during an evacuation alarm, sends personalized messages to all individuals on-site with self-service links where they can update their own evacuation status, along with attached instructions and interactive map


CavVisit offers a comprehensive RESTful API where your developers can create hosts, visitors, QR keys, and much more from other software you use. The API fully supports multi-site solutions.

ID card ordering in photo kiosk

CavVisit’s ID card ordering kiosk makes it extremely convenient for your staff to order their access cards and ID cards. The cards are produced in our secure production facility and shipped directly to you. The kiosk features two-factor authentication, ensuring its safety even in public environments.

A visitor management system for everyone

With CavVisit, the perfect first impression is tailored for your visitors. No matter how you want to greet your visitors or what information you want to share with them, the automated visitation system CavVisit handles it. Trust us. Sweden’s largest companies do.

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PartnerSec is the right choice for those who want to use secure, cloud-based access control systems and automated visitor management systems. Our systems are based on over 100 years of combined experience in security solutions across various industries.

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Automatic updates, web-based interfaces, built-in schedules, automated GDPR processes, encryption, mobile keys, and much more make PartnerSec the right choice for those who want to use modern security solutions.

CavVisit's functions

PartnerSec’s visitor management system includes a range of features that are customized to meet the needs of each organization.

Multi-Site / Multi-Tenant

CavVisit is a multi-site or multi-tenant system, meaning multiple facilities or tenants can use the same system. Each facility or tenant has its own section within the overall CavVisit system, with its own integrations, design, visitor badges, SMS/email messages, and more. The administrator has an overview of all parts, while each facility or tenant only sees its own information.

Integrations automate

With integrations such as MS Outlook, Google Calendar, access control systems, MS Active Directory, and many more, the booking of visitors, identification of hosts, and the processes that guide visitors to the right place at the right time are automated.

Designed Check-IN kiosks

Visitors manage their arrival with the help of the automatic check-in kiosk – from parking to notifying the host of the visitor’s arrival. Our check-in kiosks are customized to elevate the visual identity of the organization.

Professional invitations and reminders

Before the meeting, the automated visitation system automatically sends information and QR codes via email and SMS to assist visitors in reaching the right place at the right time. Well in advance of the meeting, the visitation system also automatically reminds about the upcoming appointment.

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