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CampTrac is designed to deliver seamless and automated access control and payment services to your campsite or RV park. Our system is made to help you handle more guests with less effort and still deliver the World’s Best First Impression™.

Our cloud-based, automated solutions are built to let guests take care of themselves, reduce environmental impact, increase revenue and lower costs.

How does it work?

One card for Access Control and Payment

With a card or our APP, guests can move freely on the campsite and gain access to services that are included in their stay or purchase services they wish to use such as washing machine, shower, black water management, mini golf, sauna and more.

Cloud-based Access Control and Payment System for campsites and rv parks

One system for All

Cloud based access control

Cloud-based Access Control for campsites and RV parks

The PartnerSec access and payment system for campsites and RV parks is a cloud-based system that provides secure access control that you can manage from anywhere.

As the system is cloud-based you can control an unlimited amount of campsites and rv parks from the same place.

Charge for services using the access control system

By using the integrated payment system, you can offer your guests to pay for what they use such as showers, washing machines, fresh water, black water and more.

Easy administration

Easy to install and administrate

As the CampTrac access control system is webbased it is very easy to install and administrate.

All the hardware comes in the unique RTG boxes. The Ready-To-Go boxes contain all the hardware you need to put access control on a door, boom or stand and come with a very cost-effective price.

Printing visitor badge including rfid

Super Easy to integrate using the cloud-based RESTFul API

The cloud-based CampTrac system comes with an enterprise grade RESTful API that is easy to use for any integrator.

The RESTFul API data is unique per campsite and rv park. That makes it easy for the integrator to integrate and make their integration available for all their customers.

Reduce water consumption up to 40%

CampTrac is designed to help campsites reduce water consumption in showers, dog showers, refilling water tanks and the like. A CampTrac card reader connects to a solenoid valve that controls the flow of water.

When the guest shows their card to the card reader, the water flows for a predetermined time at a fixed cost. The guest only consumes the water they pay for.

All CampTrac card readers are 100% waterproof and are designed to sit inside the shower so guests paying for the shower do not have to leave the shower to pay for shower water.

How can an access system like CampTrac limit electricity consumption?

By connecting a CampTrac card reader to an electrical outlet, the card reader ensures that power is only supplied when the card reader is activated.

You can decide whether the card reader should be active at any time of the day or only when the guest shows their card, qr code or pin code.

When a guest shows their card to the card reader, the guest pays a fixed amount of money for a fixed amount of electricity. In this way, you can be absolutely sure of getting paid for the electricity used and the guest only pays for the electricity they themselves consume.

Special shower reader for environmentally conscious campsites

CampTrac offers a special card reader for showers with a built-in pause button. This fully waterproof card reader offers the user to pause their water flow and then restart it. The idea is that the guest shows their CampTrac card to the card reader in the shower and rinses off.

When it is time to lather up, the user presses the pause button whereupon the water stops flowing and the user can lather up and save water at the same time. When it’s time to rinse off, the user presses the pause button again and the water starts flowing.

Take care of the environment and the economy at the same time

CampTrac provides 4 tangible effects;

1. Guests pay for their own water consumption and the campsite is paid for the water used.

2. When guests pay for their own water consumption, the general consumption decreases as the cost to the guest becomes more tangible.

3. Reduced water consumption leads to an improved water environment and reduced general electricity consumption as water must be cleaned in treatment plants and transported with electric power before it reaches the final destination.

4. Environmentally conscious guests appreciate that the campsite has taken the initiative to reduce water consumption and are therefore more confident in the campsite and the interest in returning to an environmentally conscious campsite is higher than those that do not offer the same solution.

What is CampTrac for campsites?

With CampTrac, campsite owners can control access to e.g. booms, service houses and cabins as well as charge for various services such as shower, washing machine, mini golf etc.

The software is web-based (cloud service), which means that it is easy to get started and use the system. You only need a browser, e.g. Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

CampTrac is located on the internet (in the cloud), which means that there is always a backup of the data. The system is always up-to-date and available wherever you are.

You can also control the system via your smartphone! For example. you can open the boom via CampTrac on the phone.

If you choose PartnerSec, you make the right choice

Modern cloud-based systems, integrations that automate, email and SMS, encrypted data, mobile APPs, QR codes, market-leading support and service, and more than 100 years of combined experience in IT and security systems.

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