PIN code that opens barriers and doors

A unique PIN code is given to visitors who stay for a short period. The PIN code is unique to the guest and their party, making it traceable and exclusive to the guest and their party. The PIN code can be between 4 to 8 digits long.

The validity period of the PIN code is controlled by you through the CampTrac access control system interface or via one of CampTrac’s integrators. When the PIN code is created through one of CampTrac’s integrations, it is sent to the visitor via SMS, email, or chat tool.

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Temporary PIN codes for visitors, guests, and contractors

And of course, you can send them to anyone/anywhere as long as they have a smartphone (any smartphone). No app required! 😊

The PIN code can be extended or revoked at any time.

The CampTrac administrator can easily issue a PIN code to a visitor at any time. This feature saves time, resources, and reduces the stress of being at a specific location at a specific time to issue a keycard or hand out keys.

PIN codes work on all types of doors and barriers using CampTrac Online card readers.

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