MS Outlook Integration

What is MS Outlook Integration?

CavVisit offers a seamless integration with Outlook that revolutionizes visitor administration. Through this integration, the visitor system automatically captures all appointment bookings made via Outlook and registers the visitor as a pre-booking in the visitor system. This creates a smooth and automated process for managing visitors and their bookings, saving time and minimizing the risk of double bookings or incorrect information.

Outlook integration

The advantage of MS Outlook Integration

  • Automatic Booking Management: With the integration between CavVisit and Outlook, the visitor recipient does not need to manually register bookings in the visitor system. All appointment bookings made via Outlook are automatically captured and converted into pre-bookings in the visitor system. This ensures that all bookings are handled correctly and that no visitors are forgotten.
  • Real-time Updates and Flexibility: The attendance system continuously monitors the Outlook calendar to detect any changes or canceled appointments. If something changes in the meeting planning, the visitor system is also adjusted automatically. This provides a high degree of flexibility and real-time updates to ensure visitor information is always up-to-date.
  • Effective Reminders and Instructions: One day before the visit, the visitor system automatically sends a reminder to the visitor via e-mail. The reminder contains instructions on how the visitor gets to the location, Google maps for easy navigation and a QR code for quick and easy check-in. This reduces the risk of delays and makes it easier for the visitor to be on time.
  • Improved Visitor Experience: The integration between CavVisit and Outlook improves the overall visitor experience for both the visitor and the visitor. Smooth booking management and automatic reminders provide professional and efficient visitor administration. Visitors feel well taken care of and can focus on the important meeting instead of administrative details.
  • Time saving and Productivity: By automating the booking management and the reminder process, the visitor system saves time for visitors and staff. Formerly time-consuming administrative tasks can now be used more productively to provide a smoother visitor experience and improve business efficiency.


With CavVisit and MS Outlook Integration, you get a seamless and automated visit administration. The integration automatically captures all appointment bookings from Outlook and converts them into pre-bookings in the visitor system. Real-time updates, automatic reminders and smooth check-in with QR code improve the visitor experience for visitors and visitors. Save time, increase productivity and provide an impressive visitor experience with CavVisit and Outlook Integration. Take control of your visitor administration and let technology do the work for you. Contact us now to take advantage of this powerful solution and optimize your business today!

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