Boon Edam

Boon Edam is an industry leader in delivering high-quality revolving doors, high-security doors, and speed gates to customers worldwide. We are a third-generation Dutch company that takes pride in our expertise and commitment to this specialized market. Learn more here: Boon-Edam.

How are Boon Edam’s speed gates integrated with PartnerSec’s APV platform?

Today, many property owners choose speed gates for their busiest commercial properties to enhance security. Urban Escape, with its modern offices, exclusive hotels, and trendy restaurants, is a dynamic and bustling location where thousands of people pass through daily. The integration between Boon Edam’s speed gates and the visitor management system CavVisit at Urban Escape is a well-thought-out step toward creating a secure and efficient environment for all visitors and employees. Visitors can easily register in the CavVisit visitor system and swiftly pass through the speed gates using QR codes or mobile apps. This integration reduces administrative work, enhances security, and provides property owners with an overview of visitors.

The integration between Boon Edam’s speed gates and the CavVisit visitor system represents a progression in security and visitor administration. By combining Boon Edam’s advanced speed gates with CavVisit’s innovative visitor management system, a seamless and efficient solution is established for managing visits and security in various types of properties and facilities. This scalable and flexible solution can also be tailored to specific needs and requirements of different customers and properties. Whether it’s office complexes, hospitals, hotels, or other public spaces, this integration offers superior visitor and security management.

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