PartnerSec launches SMS-keys®

Skicka nycklar via SMS

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Cloud-based access control system that sends keys via SMS

SMS-keys® is super smart and super easy for anyone who wants to give someone temporary access to one or more objects. SMS keys are virtual keys that are sent as an SMS to a person that can use them to open a door, garage door, gate, barrier, or other objects.

SMS-keys® are extra well suited to use during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it completely eliminates personal interaction, unlike access cards or physical keys.
The SMS-keys® can be prolonged, recalled, and in other ways change at any given time. Every time an SMS key is used it is logged in the CampTrac APV system in real-time.
The SMS-keys® is the latest addition to the cloud-based CampTrac APV system (Access, Payment, Visitor).

SMS-keys® for the logistics industry

An administrator can send an SMS key to a truck driver and when the driver arrives to load or unload they unlock the gate with the SMS key from their mobile phone. Thanks to CampTrac’s RESTFul API, Logistics & Route planning systems can be integrated into CampTrac to automatically send SMS keys.

SMS-keys®for the Facility Management industry

A facility manager can send a time-limited SMS-key® from the web-based CampTrac system to an entrepreneur who will be working at the facility. The SMS key can be prolonged or recalled at any time. This means that all access control to all facilities is managed centrally and via SMS, instead of access cards, physical keys, or APP. With CampTrac’s RESTFul API, a Facility Management system can be integrated to automatically send out SMS-keys®.

SMS keys® for home healthcare

SMS-keys® can be sent to a healthcare provider who does home visits. This means that no physical keys or RFID cards have to be distributed.

SMS-keys® for the telecom industry

SMS-keys® can be used to give temporary access to 4G / 5G service facilities to entrepreneurs. SMS-keys® are so quick that the entrepreneur can stand outside of the service facility, call an administrator and ask for an SMS key, and within seconds the entrepreneur has the key, anywhere in the world.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec

“The SMS key will forever change how temporary keys are issued and handled. Without the need for personal interaction and direct issuing of keys, it will be a permanent substitute to physical keys and RFID cards for temporary access to facilities.”

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