New card administration kiosk

Kortutlåningskiosk Kortbeställningskiosk
Den kombinerade kortbeställnings/kortutlåningskiosken automatiserar utlåning av passerkort till personal som glömt sina passerkort samt beställning av nya passerkort.

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PartnerSec launches new generation card administration kiosk with built-in card ordering function

With the new card administration kiosk, employees can, in a safe way with two-factor authentication, issue their own temporary access cards, in case they forgot or lost, their usual access card. At the same time, the old access card is deactivated, to prevent unauthorized use. If the old access card is found, employees can re-activate it themselves in the same kiosk.

The new card administration kiosk has three main function

  1. The lending of temporary access cards.
  2. Re-activation of employees’ usual access cards.
  3. Ordering new access cards, including photos.

Today, access cards are issued by security or access administrations. This is an interruption in daily work, and creates unnecessary work.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec

”– Some of our customers lend about as much as 50-60 cards a day, which costs money and takes time for security to manage. With the new kiosk, the process is much quicker and the need for security guards disappears.
The kiosk is connected to the access system and deals with both issuing and re-activation of cards.
The new card administration kiosk is an integration to the automated visitor management system CavVisit. The main focus for CavVisit is to help our customers automate as many manual processes as possible.”

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