Bigger update for the cloud-based visitor management system CavVisit

Besökssystemet CavVisit
Med besökssystemet CavVisit 1.3 kan verksamheter automatisera sin besökshantering fullt ut.

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PartnerSec releases a bigger update for the cloud-based automated visitor management system – CavVisit v1.3.

PartnerSec has now released a big update for CavVisit, which is one of the biggest updates ever for the automated visitor management system.

The entirely new CavVisit 1.3 is made for modern businesses and organizations in an international environment who wants to give their visitors an outstanding first impression and create a seamless flow of invitations and management of visitors.

CavVisit 1.3

The new version, 1.3, includes;

  • Multi-site support that fits global operations.
  • Support for multi-story buildings with multiple businesses, suitable for property owners renting out office space in high-rise buildings.
  • Virtual keys. Visitors receive QR-Keys, which is a unique type of QR-code that is used to automate arrival registration and open doors in the facility, connected to ParterSec’s CampTrack APV system.
  • MS Outlook integration. CavVisit automatically captures invitations to meetings in MS Outlook and creates them in the system, as well as sends out virtual QR-key® to visitors for self-service at the time of arrival.
  • Google Calendar integration. CavVisit automatically captures invitations to meetings in Google Calendar and creates them in the system, as well as sends out virtual QR-key® to visitors for self-service at the time of arrival.
  • Design mode for self-service kiosks. Self-service kiosks can now be configurated to match the company’s design. Photos, colors, fonts, sizes, and room for text can all be modified.
  • Slack integration. Administrators can create a SLACK channel that presents all messages to visitors who are arriving.
  • Virtual keyboards. The new type of kiosk for CavVisit is made for bigger touch screens with virtual keyboards (24″ to 64″ touch screens).
  • Visitor kiosk with multiple business choices. The completely new visitor kiosk with a touch screen can be configurated in a way that makes the user choose the business they want to visit (click on logo or business name) before entering their information. Every business has its own unique settings.
  • Automatic check-in and check-out. When CavVisit is used with the CampTrac APV system from PartnerSec, visitors can use the virtual QR-key to check in with the new QR-201 reader, as well as check out.
  • Visitor requests. Approval or dismissal of visitors’ request for a visit. This function makes the visitor register themselves as a visitor (when the visitor is not yet registered by a host) on the new touch screen, and a request is sent to the host via SMS. The host accepts the visit before the visitor is admitted.
  • Automatic notification of meetings. There is a new service that can automatically remind visitors of their meetings. How the notification should be sent is set up per business/facility.
  • Single-sign-on. Enkel inloggning för receptionist och administratörer. Med single-sign-on funktionen kan användaren starta programmet utan att ange användar-id eller lösenord på ett säkert sätt.Single-sig-on. Easy log in for receptionists and administrators. With the single-sign-on function user can start the program, in a safe way, without specifying user-id or password.
  • NDA- and GDPR agreement. With the new system, it can be set up so that visitors must approve both NDA and GDPR agreements before the visit can take place.
  • And many more.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec

”-CavVisit 1.3 is a so-called “game changer” for us and our customers. 1.3 is now a modern automatic visitor management system that turns to business users in an international environment.
I want to give a big thank you to our customers that decided to trust us and invest in us to make this possible. Without your support and need for innovation, PartnerSec and CavVisit would not be what it is today.
The significance of cloud-based automatic visitor management systems has increased when the need for effective meeting and secure visitor hospitality has increased.”

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