NCC chooses PartnerSec

NCC väljer besökssystemet CavVisit
NCC standardiserar på besökssystemet CavVisit. Med det automatiska besökssystemet CavVisit kommer NCC får en helikopter-vy över alla besökare i sina kontorsfastigheter samt ge lokala användare full kontroll över sina egna besökare.

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PartnerSec delivers visitor management system CavVisit® with QR-keys™ to NCC’s new headquarters

NCC is building its new headquarters in Järva Krog and has chosen to use the CavVist visitor management system® with QR-keys™ in combination with the CampTrac APV® system to automatically manage their visitors.

The modern and innovative visitor management system will automate visitor management at the same time that visitors are guided through security routines and are given easy access to conference rooms. With the new built-in MS Outlook integration, all invitations to visitors are automatically captured, and visitors are guided to the right person at the right time.

Erik Karlsson, Project Management NCC:s new headquarters:

“Our new headquarters will be a modern building where we want our customers and guests to find inspiration in our environment and meetings with us. We have a high demand for a smart and automated visitor management system for visitors who visits our offices every day and have been in conversation with PartnerSec about how to make visiting processes smooth and efficient. Together, we have been working towards a visitor solution that fits us.”

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business, PartnerSec:

”NCC is one of Europe’s leading construction companies, with operations in multiple countries and many foreign visitors every day. They have high demands on both us as a supplier, and also on our product, which is clearly reflected in the procurement for the visitor management system.
Together with the team from NCC, we have tailored a visitor solution that automates visitor management to 100%. Thanks to the new MS Outlook integration, all meetings as “captured” automatically and visitors are guided via an automatic process. We are proud to deliver an innovative solution to NCC and for their trust in us.”

For further information, contact: Carl-Hugo Bellmark, DOB, PartnerSec, +4670-7872620, e-mail:

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