Cloud-based Automatic Visitor Management

Automatic Management of Visitors

PartnerSec’s cloud-based visitor management system, CavVisit, is design for automation and simplicity to give the visitors best experience possible. It is a true Multi-site / Multi-tenant system. Our intelligent visitor system will automatically identify the visitors and give them access to visit their hosts, meanwhile minimizing administration and preventing personnel interaction to minimize Covid-19 spread.

Having Visitors Has Never Been Easier

With our Automatic Visitor Management system, the visitors will automatically flow in and out of your buildings in secure way. You set the baseline and the tenants will do the rest. Each tenant will manage their own part of the visitor system and define their own rules how they will manage their visitors while You are still in control.

Visitor Management to Everyone

You will give the tenants the possibility to receive visitors in a secure and automated way. Then its up to them to create the visitors First Impression experience.

PartnerSec access control entering door

Tenants Manage Visitors

PartnerSec APV integrates with applications you use every day to further automate access control. Explore our RESTFul API and see how you can integration your application with PartnerSec Access Control.

Visitors Manage Themselves

The PartnerSec visitor Management system will automatically check visitors IN and OUT so you will always know who are in your buildings.

visitor checking in
visitor management

Empower the End User

Let the PartnerSec APV platform communicate your company’s vision and goals, every day to your employees and visitors.

Save time and make money with PartnerSec cloud based access control

Benefits To Employees

Any PartnerSec access control card reader can be turned into a Payment or Coupon reader. Issue virtual cash or Coupons and let end users purchase access to products and services available in your facilitiy.

My Pages

Every end user can login to their My Pages in the PartnerSec APV system. There they can see everything that affects their PartnerSec Global Account.

Time to Automate

Let Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar do the work

PartnerSec’s cloud-based system allows the tenants hosts invite their visitors in a smooth and automated way by the simple use of Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar.


ms outlook and google integration

MS Outlook and Google Calender

Visitor is invited to meeting with host by Outlook/Google Calendar.

Partnersec QR key

We send Reminders

A day before the meeting the PartnerSec system automatically sends Mobile QR-key to visitor.

PartnerSec QR key

Check IN

Visitors checks IN using the mobile QR-Key, host is notified and meeting begins.

More to Know About PartnerSec Visitor Management


True Multi-Site / Multi-Tenant

CavVisit is a so-called multi-site (several facilities in the same system) or multi-tenant system (several tenants in the same area / building). This means that each facility / tenant gets their own part of the overall CavVisit system with their own integrations, their own design, their own visitor tags, their own SMS / email and more. The principal has a “helicopter view” and sees all parts while each facility / tenant only sees their information.


And Multi Floor

The PartnerSec platform works a central hub that connects all access control for an unlimited number of sites and floors. It means that you can streamline and consolidate visitor management in one, single system.


Run Reports with Detailed Activities

Whether you are looking for details about a visitors activites or who as the right to pass thru a certain door, CavVisit will give you the reports you need. You can easly export them to Excel-format or have them e-mailed.


Integration Automates Provisioning

By integrating Microsoft Flow with CavVisit RESTful API you can create a approval workflow process so all visitors are approved by managers before check-in.

Trusted By Hundreds of Successful Business and Government Organizations

All the Elements of a Modern Visitor Management System

Access Control to all Visitors

The cloud-based CampTrac access control system is completly integrated with the cloud-based CavVisit Visitor Management system. Visitors can use their QR-keys to enter doors and speed gate with ease.

Mobile Access saves costs

Visitors can use either paper badges, mobile QR-keys or mobile SMS-keys to open doors as visitors for the duration of their visit. Supersmart and cost effective.

Touch kiosks designed for you

All our touch kiosk are designed according to your corporate guidelines. The visitors will experience our marketing message during the entire visitor process.

Hybrid Online and Offline

When there is no internet connectivity or its simply not worth pulling a new network there is always PartnerSec Offline card readers available. The highly intelligent Offline card reader requires only power to give comprehensive access control.

How It Works

PartnerSec enables you to automatically manage access for end users, employees and visitors.

Automatic Checkin

At speed gate.


Visitor is invited to meeting with host by Outlook/Google Calendar.

Increase automation with tools you already use

PartnerSec APV integrates with applications you use every day to further automate access control. Explore our RESTFul API and see how you can integration your application with PartnerSec Access Control.

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With the integrated ID-card ordering kiosk is a self-service kiosk where the end users can order new ID-cards. The end user can take their own photos, fill in their own information and request new ID-cards or account.

The ID-card ordering kiosk is particular practical when there is a large turnover of ID-cards (getting lost or expires).



The ID-card loan kiosk is a self-service kiosk that offers the end users to loan a access card for 24 hours when they have lost or forgotten their own card.

The ID-Card loan kiosk will automatically disable the end users standard cards and issue a temporary card that can be used for 24 hours.