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Desktop Reader Premium MIFARE Classis / DESFire/ Plus and EM

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Desktop reader for customers with higher security requirements Tabletop reader Premium is connected to a PC via USB. When a MIFARE ® chip is placed on the table reader, encrypted (AES/DES/ 3DES/Crypto1) or unencrypted data is read from the desired application and file (DESFire) or the desired sector and block (MIFARE Classic/ Plus) and this data is printed on the screen by simulating keyboard strokes. With the help of PartnerSec’s desktop reader Premium, even encrypted cards can be easily administered in e.g. access systems, printer solutions, payment systems, etc. No software needs to be installed PartnerSec configures the desktop reader before delivery so that data is printed on the screen in the correct format, e.g. ASCII/HEX/DEC and MSB/LSB. Any reading key is loaded into the desktop reader by PartnerSec and stored there protected in the EAL5+ certified encryption module that is integrated into the desktop reader. No software or drivers need to be installed with the desktop reader. All that is required is to connect the table reader to a USB port and insert a MIFARE chip to read out the desired data. Reads many different card technologies Desktop reader Premium is a multi-technology reader that reads both high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and low-frequency (125 kHz) cards. Examples of supported chip technologies are MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE DESFire®, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Plus®, chips from the EM Prox family (EM4102 etc.), iCLASS, Indala Prox® and HID Prox. Desktop reader PREMIUM can be configured to read several technologies simultaneously and in different ways. For example, UID can be read from MIFARE Classic as well as EM and AES encrypted file can be read from DESFire. This means that Desktop Reader PREMIUM works excellently even for customers who administer cards with several different card technologies. Support for differentiated encryption keys The desktop reader supports authentication with MIFARE DESFire EV1 key according to the MIFARE AV1 SAM algorithm and thus data can be read even if differentiated encryption keys are used.

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