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Atlas Exit 88x88x25 mm

Article number:


678,00 kr

Opening button with illuminated ring that can be configured to be red or green in idle mode. Touch button.

The button has dual outputs that can be individually configured N.O. (Normally Open) or N.C. (Normally Closed). Furthermore, the trigger time can be set as a pulse, 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec, alternatively so-called “Toggle Mode”. Toggle Mode means that the button pulls the relay and continues to do so until you touch it again, then it returns to normal mode.

The button is laser engraved with logo of your choosing and eventual other information, such as phone number or web address. This is included in the price for the button (starting fee per production  occasion is added).

  • Atlas Exit can be completed with distance frame for surface mounting.

Mounting: Recessed
Dimensions: 88x88x25 mm
Power source: 12-24V DC
Rated current: 30VDC / 2A
Standby consumption: 12V/45mA  24V/25mA
Max consumption: 12V/100mA 24V/50mA
Material: Stainless steel
IP class: IP54
Other: Screws are included. 

Starting fee with item no. T2020 for laser engraving is added.

Setup fee with item no. T2000 for laser engraving is added to the first order for image processing, layout work and sample engraving for approval. In the event of repeat orders with the same layout, this cost is deducted.

Minimum order 5 pcs for laser engraved Atlas opening buttons. 

After placing the order, please email the desired logo in .EPS, .PS or .AI format to order@partnersec.se for quick processing.

Opening button in stainless steel.

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