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Hello all customers and friends!

2021 was a challenging year with a pandemic that left no one untouched. We look forward to 2022 being a better year in every way 😊 At PartnerSec, a lot is happening, and we want to share news and exciting things that have happened and are in progress.

Shortage of Mifare cards due to chip shortage / Access cards - important information

There is starting to be a shortage of certain models of Mifare cards on the market due to the chip shortage. We strongly recommend that you review your inventory of Mifare cards for the next 6-12 months and ensure that you have enough in stock. Contact us to order cards or request more information.

Mifare DESFire EV3 –Important Information

Now Mifare DESFire EV3 is available. EV3 is faster, more secure, and has a longer read range than EV1 and EV2. If you’re going to buy DESFire cards, turn to us, and we’ll arrange the right cards at the right price.

Remember that we at PartnerSec are one of the few certified Mifare experts in the Nordics, so we help you with all your Mifare needs.

Read more about Mifare and Mifare DESFire here: Mifare and RFID – PartnerSec


Speed gates visitor management

Record! - 463 000 access control system users

During 2021, 463,000 individuals used our cloud-based access control system, CampTrac, and together they opened doors 4,045,000 times. We are extremely pleased with how the usage of CampTrac has grown, and we hope to set even more records this year. Is it time for you to switch to a cloud-based access control system? If so, please read more here: Access Control System – PartnerSec

Ecavuation system

Automatic ecavuation system

We have now launched an automatic evacuation alarm integrated with access control and visitor management systems. The evacuation system is an automated system that sends personalized messages to all individuals at the facility with self-service links where they update their own evacuation status, along with attached instructions and interactive maps. Read more here: Automatic Evacuation System – PartnerSec

virtuella nycklar

New features in the access control system CampTrac and the visitor management system CavVisit

News about new features and bug fixes in upcoming versions of CavVisit and CampTrac will be sent in a separate Product Newsletter as they will be detailed and exclusively focused on new features and bug fixes. Information about major product updates will be included in our regular newsletters.

New customers - Visitor management system

During 2021, we had the honor of delivering visitor management systems to many new companies and organizations, including Stockholm City, Geely, the Greater Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Service, Gothenburg Tramways, Svensk GlasÄtervinning, and many others. You can read about some of them here:

The Greater Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Service chooses a visitor management system from PartnerSec. Read more here: RĂ€ddningstjĂ€nsten Storgöteborg chooses visitor management from PartnerSec – PartnerSec

Besökssystemet CavVisit
Svensk GlasÄtervinning lastbil som lossar glas

Svensk GlasĂ„tervinning chooses a visitor management system with evacuation from PartnerSec. Read more here: Svensk GlasĂ„tervinning chooses visitor management system with evacuation from PartnerSec – PartnerSec

Uni3 by Geely chooses a visitor management system and access control system from PartnerSec. Read more here: Geely chooses visitor management system from PartnerSec – PartnerSec

uni3 besökssystem

The access control system CampTrac is growing rapidly - 45 new access control system customers

45 new access control system customers! In 2021, 45 companies and organizations chose to start using the cloud-based access control system CampTrac with QR codes, tags, access cards, and the app. Now we have more than 350 companies and organizations using access control systems from us.

Why do they choose our access control system? The answer may vary, but consistently, they chose CampTrac because it’s super flexible, cost-effective, easy to use, and customizable to their needs. Please read more here: Access Control System – PartnerSec

CampTrac passersystem kortlÀsare

Access control systems with QR codes are growing in popularity as the price of access cards increases

CampTrac QR stemkoder passersy

As the price of access cards increases, the alternative of QR codes has significantly risen in popularity, as QR codes cost considerably less. Our access control system CampTrac is designed to handle QR codes and access cards sent via SMS. Read more about access control systems with QR codes here: Access Control System  QR code – PartnerSec

New Website

Our new English website is up, It will take some time before we have transferred the information from the previous website to this one, but it’s an ongoing process.

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