Automatic Evacuation System

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Automatic evacuation system integrated with access control and visitor management system

PartnerSec launches an Automatic Evacuation system as a part of their APV platform (Access, Payment, Visitor) in the fight against mistrust in false alarms.

The evacuation system is completely integrated with the access control and visitor management system, which makes it cover every person at the facility. The system knows who is at the facility and makes sure that everyone understands that the alarm refers to them and that it should not be ignored.

The evacuation system is a so-called self-service system, which means that every person at the facility receives an individualized SMS with instructions and links that makes it clear that the alarm refers to them and should not be ignored.

During an evacuation, the integrated evacuation system sends individualized self-service links, maps, and instructions to employees and visitors, who report their own status.

Administrators and rescue personnel can see the status and location of all people at the facility, in real-time, as well as contact information, so that they can contact those who have not reported their status or have not arrived at the collection point. 

The system gives the fire protection officer and evacuation leader a clear tool where they can see exactly everyone at the facility, their status (what they have reported via the evacuation portal), and their contact information so that they can easily find everyone, but also prioritize those who have not updated their status yet.

The evacuation system is cloud-based and will be used via mobile phones, tablets, and PC. The system is connected to the fire alarm and other types of alarm systems to initiate automatically during evacuation alarms.

Read more about the evacuation system here


Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec; “The evacuation system is a natural development of our cloud-based APV platform, thanks to the fact that we can do things in the cloud-based platform that we cannot in locally installed systems. Automatic evacuation systems with individual messages are more important than ever, due to the fact that people have a great mistrust towards alarms due to false alarms, as well as the belief that the alarm does not apply to them. With our system, every person at the facility receives an individual message with instructions and links that make it clear that the alarm applies to THEM and should not be ignored. When we designed the tool, we did it because we want to save lives and make it CLEAR for people on site that the alarm refers to them, their colleagues, and visitors.”

Automated evacuation system

More about the automated evacuation system here: Evacuation system

For further information, contact: Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business, +46707872620, e-mail:

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