DigitalRez is a market-leading provider of reservation systems for the tourism industry and has conducted a profound integration with PartnerSec APV. DigitalRez previously had integrations with access control systems, but these integrations often faced issues due to being local installations instead of cloud-based ones. With the cloud-based installations, availability, data security, and system updates are ensured. Read more here: DigitalRez

How is DigitalRez integrated with the CampTrac access control system?

When a hotel guest or camping guest makes a booking with one of DigitalRez’s booking system customers, DigitalRez automatically generates a unique 6-digit PIN code, which is sent to the guest via SMS and email. The PIN code is used on CampTrac Cloud system’s online-connected card readers with keypads to access the guest’s accommodation and various facilities available to the guest.

If the guest changes or extends their stay, the validity period of the PIN code is automatically updated. Since the PIN code is unique to each guest, they can be easily traced and deactivated if any issues arise.

When the guest uses the code for the first time, CampTrac sends a message to the DigitalRez booking system about this, and DigitalRez sends a welcome SMS to the guest.

The advantages of this solution are its ease of implementation, ease of maintenance, full traceability, cost-effectiveness, and long-term sustainability.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec; “DigitalRez is completely dominant in their markets and is a partner we have long wanted to collaborate with. They have over 4000 customers in Canada, USA, Barbados, and Australia who will now have access to our cloud-based access control systems, payment systems, and visitor management systems. In partnership, we will offer our cloud-based access control system CampTrac along with our app to their customer base, which will elevate them to the next generation of access control systems with built-in payment functionality. The next step is to promote our platform to their customer base and assist their clients in achieving a smarter and more seamless access solution.”

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