SMS keys

What is SMS keys?

CavVisit offers an efficient and secure solution to capture the attention of visitors and employees through SMS keys. Through SMS, businesses can send messages with built-in QR keys for bookings or reminders. CavVisit gives users the choice to either use their built-in SMS service or their own SMS hardware.

SMS message visitor management system

Advantages of SMS keys

  • Effective Communication with Visitors and Employees: Through SMS keys, businesses can quickly and directly communicate with visitors and employees. This provides an efficient and immediate contact, which is especially useful for confirming bookings, sending reminders or sharing important information.
  • Built-in QR keys for Easy Check-in: CavVisit offers built-in QR keys in SMS messages. Visitors can easily use the QR keys for quick check-in during the visit. This reduces queue times and provides a smooth and seamless visitor experience.
  • Flexibility with Own SMS Hardware: Companies using CavVisit have the option of using their own SMS hardware to send messages. This provides increased flexibility and adaptation to the business’s unique needs and requirements.
  • Increased Security and Cost Savings: By sending SMS from own hardware, security is increased, as messages never leave the customer’s own equipment. This helps to maintain a high level of security and protection for the company’s communications. In addition, the use of own SMS hardware can lead to cost savings compared to external SMS services.
  • Easy Installation and Use: The CavVisit SMS Gateway, the small hardware with its own antenna and SIM card provided by the customer, offers easy installation and use. This enables businesses to quickly get started with SMS communication and take advantage of its benefits.


CavVisit SMS keys provide businesses with an efficient and secure solution to communicate with visitors and employees. With built-in QR keys in SMS messages, visitors can easily check in during the visit and enjoy a smooth experience. The possibility of using your own SMS hardware increases security and can lead to cost savings. Ease of installation and use of the CavVisit SMS Gateway makes it easy to take advantage of its benefits. Take control of your visitor communications today with CavVisit SMS Keys. Contact us to create a safe and attractive visitor experience for your business!

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