Self-check- in with QR codes

What does QR codes do?

CavVisit Visitor System offers an innovative and flexible solution for visitor administration using QR codes. When a visitor pre-book their visit, they receive a unique QR code via SMS or email. This QR code acts as a digital key for the visit and enables automatic check-in when the visitor arrives at the site. The recipient of the visit is informed of the arrival of the visit via SMS or e-mail, and the visit can start with ease. In addition, the same QR code is used for the visitor badge and check-out of the visitor, creating a seamless and efficient visitor experience.

QR-kod för att checka in

The advantages of QR codes

  • Safe and Efficient Check-in: QR codes in the CavVisit Visitor System eliminate the need for manual check-in and reduce queuing times. Visitors can easily use their unique QR code to check in automatically upon arrival. This provides a quick and smooth check-in process while ensuring that only authorized visitors are allowed access.
  • Customized Communication: By sending the QR code via SMS or e-mail, the communication with the visitor becomes personal and direct. The visitor always has access to his QR code on his mobile or e-mail and does not have to worry about losing it. The visitor recipient is also quickly and easily notified of the visitor’s arrival, preparing them for a smooth meeting.
  • Increased Security and Traceability: The QR codes provide a high degree of security and traceability in visitor administration. Each visitor has a unique QR code, which prevents unauthorized access and minimizes the risk of double bookings. In addition, the QR codes enable easy check-out of the visitor, providing a clear log of visitor activities.
  • Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly: The use of QR codes reduces the need for printed paper tags and physical registration processes. This leads to cost savings for printing materials and reduces the environmental impact through reduced paper use.
  • Smooth Visitor Experience: In summary, QR codes create a smooth and modern visitor experience for visitors and visitors. Visitors can quickly and easily check in, be notified via SMS or email and use the same QR code for the visitor badge and check out. This seamless process gives a professional and positive impression of your business.


CavVisit Visitor system with QR codes revolutionizes visitor administration with a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution. The QR codes enable automatic check-in, customized communication and increased security and traceability. This cost-effective and modern visitor experience creates a positive impression of your business and attracts both visitors and visitors. Optimize your visitor administration today with the CavVisit Visitor System and take the step towards a smoother and more efficient visitor experience. Contact us now to take advantage of this powerful solution and take your business to the next level!

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