What is REST API?

CavVisit offers a full-scale RESTFul API that gives developers the ability to create and manage visit recipients, visitors, QR keys and much more. The API fully supports multi-site, which means it can be used to manage multiple facilities or local offices in one and the same platform. CavVisit’s RESTFul API enables real-time functionality, which improves security and provides smooth and automated visitor management for administrators.


Advantages of REST API

  • Customized and Tailored Solutions: CavVisit’s RESTFul API gives developers the ability to create customized and tailored solutions for visitor administration. By using the API, businesses can have a visitor platform that fits their unique needs and processes, increasing efficiency and user experience.
  • Flexibility with Multi-Site Support: The RESTFul API has full multi-site support, making it ideal for businesses with multiple facilities or local offices. By using the API, companies can centrally manage their visitor processes while each facility has its own unique settings and data.
  • Real-Time Features for Increased Security: The RESTFul API enables real-time features, improving security through fast and immediate access to visitor data. This provides continuous monitoring of visitor flow and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Smooth Administration and Automation: By integrating CavVisit with the RESTFul API, administrators can easily handle visitor management. The API enables automated processes, reducing manual work and freeing up time for mission-critical tasks.
  • Future-proof and Long-term Solution: CavVisit’s RESTFul API is a future-proof solution that can be used long-term. It gives companies the opportunity to adapt and develop their visitor administration in step with business needs and technological progress.


CavVisit’s RESTFul API offers custom and tailored visitor management solutions with full multi-site support. Through real-time functions, the API increases security and provides smooth management of visits. Automated processes provide efficient and automated visitor management for administrators. Contact us now to create a future-proof and attractive visitor solution for your business today!

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