Multi-lingual support

What is multilingual support?

CavVisit Visitor System offers comprehensive multilingual support for a globally adapted visitor experience. All kiosks in the visitor system support an unlimited number of languages, which gives visitors the opportunity to choose their preferred language when they arrive at a kiosk. By clicking on the flag that corresponds to the desired language, the entire kiosk’s content is adapted to the visitor’s language choice. In addition, there is also multilingual support in the administrative interface for receptionists and administrators, which facilitates the management of multilingual visitor data and settings.


Advantages of multilingual support

  • Personalized and User-friendly Visitor Experience: The multilingual support in the CavVisit Visitor System creates a personalized and user-friendly visitor experience for visitors from different language groups. By offering visitors the option to choose their own language, they feel welcome and can easily navigate through the kiosk’s content in a language they understand.
  • Global Accessibility and Customization: With unlimited multilingual support, the visitor system becomes adaptable for international environments and global visitors. No matter what language visitors speak, they can use the kiosk without language barriers and experience a seamless visitor registration.
  • Effective Administration for Multilingual Settings: The multilingual support in the administrative interface makes it easier for receptionists and administrators to manage multilingual visitor data. By easily switching between different language settings, staff can communicate with visitors in their preferred language, improving communication and understanding.
  • Professional Image and Customer Care: By offering multilingual support, CavVisit Visitor System shows concern for the visitors’ different language needs and strives to offer a professional and customer-friendly service. This strengthens the brand and creates a positive impression on visitors from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: With a smooth and multilingual visitor experience, visitors become more satisfied and inclined to return to the business. The multilingual support shows consideration for the visitors’ needs and increases the chance of creating loyal and returning customers.


The CavVisit Visitor System stands out with comprehensive multilingual support that enables a personalized and globally adapted visitor experience. Visitors can easily select their preferred language when using the kiosk, creating seamless communication and navigation. In addition, the multilingual support in the administrative interface simplifies the management of multilingual settings for receptionists and administrators. Increase customer satisfaction, improve global accessibility and strengthen your business image with CavVisit Visitor System and its impressive multilingual support. Take control of your multilingual visitor administration today by contacting us for a customized solution that fits your needs and requirements!

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