MS Active Directory Integration

What is MS Active Directory Integration?

CavVisit is an advanced visitor system that can automatically retrieve visitor recipients from Active Directory (AD). By integrating with AD, CavVisit can regularly synchronize and manage visitor recipients, including additions, updates and deletions, to ensure efficient and timely visitor administration.

AD integration

Advantages of MS Active Directory Integration

  • Automatic Maintenance of Visitor Receivers: CavVisit’s Active Directory integration enables automatic maintenance of visitor receivers. New recipients are added, existing ones are updated, and inactive recipients are removed at regular intervals, reducing manual work and ensuring that the visitor list is current and accurate.
  • Efficient Visitor Administration: By integrating with Active Directory, visitor administration is optimized. With automatic synchronization of visitor recipients, administrators do not need to manually manage the visitor list, saving time and resources for the business.
  • Custom Integrations per Department or Administration: CavVisit offers flexibility by allowing each department, tenant or administration to have its own AD integration. This allows the business to tailor the visitor administration to its unique needs and structures.
  • Realistic Visitor List: Regular automatic synchronization ensures that the visitor list is always up-to-date and realistic. Visitors and visitors can expect a smooth and accurate check-in without delays.
  • Secure and Efficient Data Management: The Active Directory integration provides secure and efficient management of visitor data. It minimizes the risk of incorrect data and provides a professional and reliable visitor experience.


CavVisit’s Active Directory integration enables automatic synchronization and management of visitor recipients for efficient visitor administration. Customized integrations per department or administration provide a tailored solution for each business. Contact us now to discover the benefits of CavVisit’s Active Directory integration and optimize your visitor administration with a smart and attractive solution for your business!

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