The Enterprise kiosk

What is the enterprise kiosk?

CavVisit Enterprise kiosk is a specially designed solution for properties with multiple tenants, different departments or multiple administrations, such as municipalities and authorities. This kiosk takes visitor registration and check-in to a new level by displaying logos or names of each tenant on the screen. Based on the selected logo, the entire appearance, behavior and input fields of the kiosk are customized to create a customized and professional visitor experience for each visitor.

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The advantage of CavVisit’s enterprise kiosk

  • Personalization for Each Tenant: With the CavVisit Enterprise kiosk, each tenant receives a unique and personal visitor experience. By displaying their logo or name on the kiosk, visitors feel welcome and directly aligned with their business. This creates a professional and engaging impression that strengthens the relationship between property owners and tenants.
  • Efficient Visitor Registration: The kiosk is intuitive and easy to use for visitors. By choosing the right logo, the kiosk’s appearance and input fields are adapted according to the needs of the business. This leads to a quick and smooth visitor registration, which minimizes queue times and provides a positive visitor experience.
  • Security and Correct Direction: The Enterprise Kiosk’s customization features provide visitors with accurate information and direction when they arrive at the property. By showing specific information for each tenant, such as department number, floor or room, confusion and incorrect navigation are avoided, which contributes to a safe and secure environment.
  • A Uniform and Professional Image: With the CavVisit Enterprise kiosk, a uniform and professional image is created for the entire property. Visitors are impressed by the tailored visit process and feel well taken care of from the first moment. This strengthens the property’s brand and gives a positive impression that can attract new tenants and visitors.
  • Flexible Configuration: The kiosk is flexible and easy to configure for different properties and businesses. Whether it’s office complexes, municipal buildings or multiple administrations, the CavVisit Enterprise kiosk can be customized to each unique need and requirement.


CavVisit Enterprise kiosk offers a customized visitor registration solution for multi-tenant or multi-department properties. By displaying logos or names for each tenant, the kiosk creates a personal and professional visitor experience. With efficient visitor registration, improved security and flexible configuration, the CavVisit Enterprise kiosk provides a unified and positive image for the entire property. Take control of your visitor administration and offer an impressive visitor experience for your visitors and tenants with CavVisit Enterprise kiosk. Contact us now and take the first step towards a customized and professional visitor registration today!

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