Access control system integration

What is access system integration?

CavVisit is a powerful visitor system that has several pass systems integrated. This means that CavVisit can be used to open doors with different types of keys, such as QR keys, SMS keys and APPs. Many well-known access system vendors, including Pacom, RCO, CampTrac, Dorma Kaba and more, are integrated with CavVisit to provide a complete and seamless visitor experience.

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Advantages of integrating an access system

  • Versatile Use with Different Keys: By having multiple access systems integrated, CavVisit gives users the flexibility to use different types of keys to open doors. Visitors can use QR keys, SMS keys or APP to easily and securely access their destinations.
  • Easy and smooth check-in: Integrated access systems enable easy and smooth check-in for visitors. By using their unique keys, visitors can easily and quickly gain access to the places they are authorized to visit, which saves time and reduces inconvenience for both visitors and visitors.
  • Increased Security and Control: By integrating well-known access system providers, CavVisit guarantees a high level of security and control over visitor management. This helps to prevent unauthorized access and create a safe visitor environment for the business.
  • A Platform for All Needs: With CavVisit’s integrated pass system, companies can create a comprehensive and customizable solution for visitor administration. Whether small or large organizations, CavVisit enables a platform that meets all needs and increases the efficiency of the visit processes.
  • Future-proof and Flexible: By integrating with several access system suppliers, CavVisit provides a future-proof and flexible solution. Businesses can adapt their visitor administration to changing needs and technological advances without having to replace the entire system.


CavVisit’s integrated access system offers a versatile and secure solution for visitor administration. Users can take advantage of different types of keys for easy check-in and smooth access to locations. With several access system suppliers integrated, CavVisit provides a future-proof and flexible solution for all businesses. Contact us now to discover the advantages of CavVisit’s integrated access system and optimize your visitor administration with a smart and attractive solution for your business!

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