Kone Certifies PartnerSec’s Automated Visitor Management System

kone qrkod besökssystem partnersec

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Kone certifies PartnerSec’s automated visitor management system

The visitor management system CavVisit from PartnerSec is the first Swedish visitor management system certified by Kone, to be able to automatically guide visitors to the correct floor with the help of intelligent QR codes, integrated with Kone’s latest destination platform.

QR codes direct visitors to the correct floor

Visitors receive QR codes from the visitor management system CavVisit, which in turn, automatically, guides the visitor to the correct floor with the elevator that is most efficient to use. CavVisit’s new self-service kiosk automates the entire visitor management together with Kone’s platform. Thanks to Kone’s new destination platform in combination with the visitor management system CavVisit, existing elevators’ efficiency increase so much that the property owner does not have to invest in more elevators to increase capacity. With the visitor management system’s new integration into Kone’s latest destination platform, entrance security is automated for both employees and visitors.

The right people in the right place

With the CavVisit visitor management system’s unique multi-site structure wilt built-in floor plan management it is guaranteed that the visitor can only go to the floor that the visitor recipient is on. QR codes from CavVisit work as an intelligent access card and send visitors directly to the correct floor.

More about the automated visitor management system here: Visitor management system

Certified solution

The integration between the visitor management system CavVisit and Kone’s latest destination platform is certified by Kone. The integration is a module in the CavVisit management system, which is a part of PartnerSec’s APV platform (Access, Payment, Visitor).

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec; “Kone is a Nordic manufacturer, with an international presence, that is market-leading within elevators and intelligent destination platforms thanks to deep technical knowledge and entrepreneurship. That is why it matches our cloud-based APV platform perfectly. Our unique APV platform (Access, Payment, Visitor) turns to businesses, governments, and organizations that want to automate their access control and visitor management, with the help of intelligent integrations that automates, previously, manual processes. Our vision is “The World’s Best First Impression™” because we want visitors and employees to perceive our customers as modern, conscious, and innovative. With the integration to Kone’s latest destination platform, we take another step towards our vision”

For further information, contact: Carl-Hugo Bellmark, +46707872620, e-mail: carl-hugo.bellmark@partnersec.se

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