How is DL Bookit integrated with CampTrac?

Access cards are automatically loaded with permissions and money

When a hotel or camping guest checks in to their accommodation, DL Bookit can issue a CampTrac card that serves as both the guest’s access card for their accommodation and a payment card for the hotel/campsite.

The CampTrac card automatically issued from DL Bookit works throughout the guest’s stay, granting access to their room and all service facilities, showers, power outlets, and other locations where the camping facility employs CampTrac card readers.

Upon issuance from DL Bookit, the card is also loaded with an amount that the guest can use to pay for services such as using showers equipped with CampTrac Offline card readers, operating laundry machines, and utilizing CamperClean for the disposal of blackwater and wastewater.

Through DL Bookit, the guest can easily extend their stay at any time, which extends the card’s validity period and allows for additional funds to be loaded.

Automatic check-in and check-out

CampTrac Cloud is fully integrated with DL Bookit’s self-service stations, enabling guests to independently check in and out.

Guests load money themselves

DLBookit is fully compatible with the CampTrac Cloud charging station.

In the charging station, the guest can independently view their card balance and add more money as needed using Swish, VISA, or Mastercard. The receipt is sent to the guest via email, making the charging station completely maintenance-free.

The CampTrac Cloud charging station is designed to be outdoors, fully waterproof, and protected from heat and frost. It is best mounted outside the reception area or near each service facility where guests can manage their card transactions themselves.

PIN codes instead of access cards

When a hotel or camping guest makes a reservation through the DLBookit web service, DLBookit automatically generates a unique 6-digit PIN code that is sent to the guest via SMS and email.

The PIN code is used on the CampTrac Cloud system’s online-connected card readers with keypads to unlock the door to the guest’s accommodation, as well as various facilities that the guest has access to. If the guest modifies or extends their stay, the validity period of the PIN code is automatically updated.

Since the PIN code is unique to each guest, the codes are traceable and can be easily deactivated if issues arise. The PIN code is sent well in advance of arrival, allowing the guest to manage things themselves. This also means that the guest can arrive at the facility even when it’s closed.

With the PIN code, the guest gains access to current services at the facility. The solution also handles regular access cards in the same way as the PIN code.

Advantages of this solution include its easy implementation, straightforward maintenance, complete traceability, cost-effectiveness, and long-term sustainability.

Vitec DL Systems AB develops the DLBOOKIT booking solution, which is tailored software for the hospitality industry.

The company has been in operation since the early 1990s and is based in Söderhamn, serving customers all across Sweden. Our staff ensures that you receive the best possible service during setup and support.

We assist businesses in the hospitality industry in achieving greater success by being attentive to their needs and offering the best solution through a combination of technology, industry expertise, and service.

DLBookit’s integration with CampTrac Cloud manages access cards, PIN codes, and the app. Learn more here: DL Bookit

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