How is Comers integrated with the CampTrac access control system?

Comers has achieved a complete integration with the access control system CampTrac, allowing visitors arriving at a facility utilizing Comers to self-check-in or purchase a stay through a self-service kiosk and issue a CampTrac card independently, without the need for staff interaction. Staff members can also issue access cards to guests from the administrative interface of Comers.


The Comers booking system is a comprehensive solution for the modern business that aims to conduct operations both online and in a traditional manner.

The system includes integrated online booking for customers, agents, and other distributors. We provide an all-in-one solution with a website, online booking, online payment, invoicing, administration, finance, statistics, and more.

With the Comers booking system, you gain a powerful and flexible tool that handles both straightforward bookings and dynamically packaged combinations, such as external systems. Learn more here: Comers

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