Cloud-based visitor management system for municipalities

Professional treatment of all visitors to the municipality

Modern visitor management system for municipalities

Is it time to get a cloud-based visitor management system that helps the reception and citizen service to automatically and smoothly welcome, register, and guide visitors to the right recipient and location? With the modern visitor management system CavVisit, all types of visitors to the municipality are handled, regardless of which department they are visiting.

All departments - One system

Besökssystem för kommuner

Each department has its unique rules and messages for visitors to their specific department. When a department wants a visitor management system to handle visitors, the department is set up in the system as its own little world. This allows each department to control its part of the system while the municipality has an overarching “helicopter” view. The department can have its own design on visitor badges, its own SMS and email messages for visitors and hosts, its own integrations (Outlook, Active Directory, access control systems, API), and much more.

The municipality can oversee all visitors and assist each department in configuring its part of the system, while the department sees its part of the system.

Thanks to CavVisit’s unique multi-site design, it is easy for the municipality to start with a visitor management system at one location and then add more as needed.

Pre-booked and walk-in visits are handled automatically

Do you use MS Outlook to schedule meetings? If so, you have everything you need to automatically invite visitors to your premises. The visitation system has a built-in robot that automatically captures meeting bookings and identifies internal and external visitors. External visitors (who need to be invited via the visitation system) receive QR codes to simplify registration when they arrive at the municipality’s premises.

Walk-in visitors can easily and smoothly register at the modern self-registration kiosks, where each department can have unique rules determining how the system should behave when visitors sign in with them.

QR codes automate and simplify the process

virtuella nycklar

Visitors use QR codes both as access cards (if allowed) and for check-in and check-out.

Built-in language support and paper-based invitations

Language support visitor management system

In the kiosks where visitors register or check IN and OUT, you choose which languages should be available. You can have up to 38 different languages on the same screen AND they can vary per department.

Paper-based invitations

Why should one offer paper-based invitations to visitors in a municipality? To begin with, not everyone has an email address as there are many elderly individuals who handle their affairs via phone and mail. Additionally, there may be a significant mistrust of email among certain demographic groups, so it’s important to be able to offer the option to send paper-based invitations through the visitor management system.

Queue Tickets and Queue Management

Queue Tickets and Queue Management

The visitor system has a built-in queue system where visitors can choose to receive a queue ticket while waiting for their turn to receive assistance.

Each department or division chooses whether to use the queue management system.

Receptionists can see how many people are in the queue and how long they have been waiting. On digital screens in the reception area, the current number is displayed prominently, and when the number changes, optional sound is emitted from built-in speakers in the screen.

The self-registration kiosks with custom design

The self-registration kiosks are configured with the municipality’s/department’s own images, fonts, and rules. The kiosks can handle an unlimited number of departments with unique rules.

The visitor management system complies with GDPR and Schrems II

The visitor management system CavVisit is one of the few cloud-based Swedish visitor systems that complies with GDPR and Schrems II. Why is this important to know? It guarantees that the personal data of Swedish individuals (citizens’ data and all visitor recipients – employees in the municipality) never leaves the borders of Sweden. CavVisit does not use foreign cloud services with foreign principals.

In other words, CavVisit meets the requirements of Swedish municipalities and authorities for IT security and is thus the secure choice of cloud-based visitor systems.

Follow the example of Halmstad Municipality, Huddinge Municipality, Håbo Municipality, and many more municipalities – Start using the automated visitor system CavVisit.

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