Access Control System with Key Fob

CampTrac is one of the market’s fastest-growing access systems available with tags. Every year, numerous companies and organizations in various industries choose to implement the system in their operations.

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Access control system

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Alternative 1 – Initial cost and then a lower monthly fee.
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What is included in every door?

One RTG box per door. Read more about our Ready-To-Go boxes here.

When you choose the CampTrac access control system, you always make the right choice

  • Access cards or tags are included in the price – New ones every year!
  • If you want to avoid handling cards and tags, our app is also included! For both iPhone and Android.
  • Cloud-based access control system – Modern.
  • Simple and Convenient – Fits Everyone.

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* The monthly cost refers to cloud service including support. Financing requires approval from a credit institution.
** The price includes a Cloud administrator, setup of company and card readers in CampTrac Cloud, manual + desktop reader. The price includes electric strikes, door release buttons, power supply, door controller, online card reader with keypad, spacers for mounting card readers, spacers for surface mounting of door release buttons, and test cards for installer. The price includes one access card per employee per year – delivered annually upon request. The price does not include installation, cables, cable routing, any additional security measures, locksmith work, and door adjustments.

NOTE! Electric strikes are included with a single post. Doors must be adapted for the included electric strikes, and in some cases, a different post and lock case may need to be used depending on individual doors.
NOTE! Glass doors and sliding doors require special solutions.

CampTrac - High-quality access system with tags, for diverse customers

What does your business need to become more efficient regarding access for customers, guests, and staff? With an efficient access system available with a tag, you can save both time and resources. CampTrac is such a system. Because the system is modular, we can offer a wide range of solutions for a variety of needs. Depending on the challenges your business faces regarding access, our access system can certainly help.

Shared offices

It’s becoming increasingly common for small and medium-sized businesses to share office spaces with each other. Office complexes and office hotels are a phenomenon that’s growing particularly fast in larger cities. With this development, the need for smooth access systems available with tags is increasing. This way, the property owner and/or property manager can easily control who has access to what.

Contact us to learn more about how our tag-based access system is used in office environments today!

Resorts and camping

There is no industry that we are as well-versed in as the tourism sector. Our tag-based access systems have been used for several decades. With each passing year, more and more companies and organizations turn to us for a tailored solution. Among our clients are numerous companies currently utilizing our tag-based access systems. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we work with these systems today!


For a company, an access system available with tags can contribute to significantly increased security for all residents. Since our system is adaptable and offers many different modules, it can fully meet the unique access needs of the company. APP, tags, access cards, QR codes, keys via SMS – All functions in the access system can be customized to fit the right tag at the right time. When you choose to become CampTrac customers, we naturally assist you along the way as questions and concerns arise.

We already work with several companies today that have chosen our modern cloud-based access system. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you!


Many access systems used with tags only offer access. With ours, it’s different. It’s actually an APV system. It stands for Access, Payment, and Visitor, and that’s exactly what it sounds like. With the help of the access system’s tag, staff, customers, and guests can gain access to facilities – permanently or temporarily – and also make payments using the tag.

Next Generations Access Control System with Key Fob

With smart card readers, CampTrac makes it easy for users to open doors securely via mobile phone or access card.

Do you want to know more about our access control system with key fob?

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CampTrac protects what matters

CampTrac is the market’s first access control system designed as an IT system. That means it’s built, from the ground up, to be simple, secure, and really fast.

When you want to be safe, choose CampTrac

Choosing CampTrac means choosing a solution that is modern, flexible, and smart. Thanks to its unique flexibility, the system is tailored to suit your exact needs.

CampTrac’s functions

PartnerSec’s access control system contains a range of functions that are adapted to the needs of each business.


The fully cloud-based control panel is built to manage access cards, assign mobile keys, and monitor activity from anywhere at any time.


Mobile-based access control demolishes old structures and creates new opportunities. Use a phone to unlock doors with a simple press of a button.

Modern hardware

The visitors manage their arrival with the help of the automatic check-in-kiosk – from parking to notifying visitor receivers of the visitor’s arrival. Our check-in kiosks are tailored to raise the graphic profile of the business.


CampTrac easily integrates with applications you use every day to further automate the access control system. Explore our state-of-the-art RESTFul API and see how you can integrate your application with the CampTrac access system.

Access control system with key fob

Access systems exist in a wide range of contexts. Companies of various sizes and in a great variety of industries use them to guarantee security. This ranges from small campsites to large office complexes. An access system primarily aims to provide the right individuals with easy access while preventing unauthorized entry.

In this text, we at Partnersec will discuss access systems. We will talk in more general terms, but also delve into our business and our own systems.

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What is an access control system?

An access control system aims to guarantee security for a company, an organization, an association, or – in some cases – private individuals. It is about giving, in a smooth way, flexibility regarding who should have access to one’s facilities. The access system is controlled electronically using the digital keys connected to it.

Does it sound good? Let us then present CampTrac, PartnerSec’s access control system.

CampTrac – World class access control system

CampTrac is one of the most advanced and comprehensive access control system on the market. The system is built to be used by a varying types of customers. From large companies with extensive office complexes to smaller organizations and facilities, CampTrac is used. It is the access control system’s breadth and accessibility that got us to where we are today. We are very proud of this.

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APV system

CampTrac is an APV system. A stands for Access Control, P stands for Payment and V stands for Visitor Management. These three overall functions describe the broad field of use that our access control system has. The end user can therefore both access facilities and make payments, while you, the customer, have a good overview. This is with the help of only one virtual key.

Below we will tell you more about our access control system’s many functions. We will also talk about the choices you as our customer have when it comes to your solution.

The access control system’s functions

CampTrac is an access control system that can be used for many areas. This is precisely what was our goal when we developed the system. We want all customers, large and small, to be able to use our access control system for the purposes that they need to satisfy.

This is how it might look:

Access control

The A in APV stands for Access Control, and this is a very central part of the access control system we have built. As PartnerSec’s customer, you ask yourself the question: What do I want the end user in question to have access to? The virtual key that a customer gets can be adapted according to what applies in the specific case. It could, for example, be about access to a certain room in a hotel. It may also be about access to some facilities but not others. You choose and the access control system makes sure it’s right.

Payment solutions

There are many features that make CampTrac an incredibly flexible access system. This is clearly one of them. Our access system has a built-in payment function. This allows the end user to make payments with (for example) their access card.

Automatic visitor management

With CampTrac, the visitor can control most, or all, parts of their stay themselves. This is because the pass system can offer automatic check-in, check-out, and other possible services. This reduces the need for staff and is a big step in the right direction for efficiency.

Outdoor solutions

To match all needs, we have developed solutions for access control systems that are suitable for all weather conditions. Our access card readers are weather resistant and can withstand cold temperatures as low as -25°C. This makes them extremely suitable for customers whose facilities are partially or exclusively outdoors.

Indoor solutions

The access card readers we use in our access control systems are ideal for facilities where there are a large number of doors. Examples of such customers are office properties, offices, conference facilities, and industrial facilities.

Alternative payment methods

At PartnerSec, we like choices. It is this approach that led us to develop a pass system with a variety of payment methods. When you use CampTrac, you can choose how you want your customers/guests to pay. Should they load money on the card and then pay? Or do you perhaps want each purchase to take place as a transaction, like a payment card? You choose, and we make sure to adapt the payment and access control system according to your wishes.

Card readers with keypad

The CampTrac access control system card reader can be supplied with buttons. This enables our customers to give their guests/customers access using a code. This code can be easily changed, and the access system can also be set so that the code lock is switched on at a certain time of the day. Smooth and simple for everyone involved.


All CampTrac card readers, both online and offline variants, are 100% waterproof. In addition to this, as we mentioned earlier, they can also withstand the elements very effectively. They work in a range between -25°C and +65°C.


The access control system is available in several different languages. This enables the same platform to be used by a large number of users in different countries. If the language a customer wants to use is not available, you can easily translate it yourself.

Do you have any questions about our access control system?

Do not hesitate to contact us at PartnerSec. We offer a free demonstration to anyone who seeks our access control system’s help.

The benefit of the access control system

We have covered it but are happy to talk more about the benefit (or benefits) of our access control system. After all, this is what made CampTrac one of the market’s most popular systems. Below are some of the benefits that our access control system can bring to a business:

Integrated LPR for automatic license plate reading

The access control system can automatically read car license plates. This means that customers who, for example, visit a parking garage do not have to mess with cards and card readers when they come and go.


Our access control system enables smooth and quick welcoming of customers or guests. This is partly due to our ability to combine QR code and RFID reading in one card reader.


Automatic booking and access to conference rooms may be the thing to happen to office space since the ballpoint pen. As a customer of CampTrac’s access control system, you (or your customer) get the opportunity to control who is granted access and when.

Access with code

No matter how far technology development goes, numerical codes continue to play an important role. In our access control system, and with our readers, it is possible to set the code to be valid during certain parts of the day. This is common in apartment buildings, where a code is often used during the day but a key is required in the evening.

QR key

A key does not have to be physical. It can come as a simple QR code. You send the code (via email or SMS) to the person you want to grant access. The person takes care of the rest via their mobile phone – Quick and easy!

Product and service payment

CampTrac’s card readers enable you to pay for products and services in a very flexible way. This is, for example, popular in offices when you offer your tenants or your staff to buy different things. Not too rarely it is about charging an electric car.


Finally, we want to talk about the direct benefit of our payment system for you as an administrator. When you choose CampTrac, you can easily review and change the system, wherever you are in the world. This is made possible by the fact that the system is both cloud- and web-based.

Access with card, key or SMS

As CampTrac’s access system can be used by companies and organizations in various industries, our solutions must also vary. It is this fact that is the basis for various digital keys that we offer.


Access cards are a common type of key for access control systems, especially in places such as offices, housing associations, and hotels. Our unique CampTrac Card™ makes it easier for guests at offices and campsites around the country on a daily basis.


QR keys are in many ways the future. When you choose CampTrac as your access control system provider, you are given the opportunity to send out QR codes as keys to your guests or customers.


Our SMS key solution is exactly what it sounds like. Your guest/customer receives an SMS containing information that enables them to enter through the access control system. The only thing required of the customer is a mobile phone. We take care of the rest.

PartnerSec – Experts on visitor systems och access control systems

We are proud to be able to offer one of the market’s best solutions when it comes to visitor management systems and access control systems. CampTrac helps companies, organizations and associations of varying size and industry – in Sweden, and in other countries. Do you want to know more about how our access control system can help your business? We offer a free demonstration of CampTrac to anyone who requests it.

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