PartnerSec launches access control system with free access cards and tags

passersyste med gratis passerkort

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PartnerSec launches a cloud-based access control system with free access cards & tags for schools, SMBs, and organizations.

Never before has an access control system been more important in the public and private sectors. We see that the demand for access control systems has increased with the increased criminality. Multiple types of criminal activity can be avoided with effective security routines and modern access control systems.

Therefore, we at PartnerSec quickly want to help schools, public operations, and small and medium businesses to get access to a modern, safe, and cost-effective access solution that works for everyone.

Most operation and security officers agree that they need access control systems, however, they think it is hard to find a fast and simple answer to what it will cost.

Access cards, tags and APP are included

A big extra fee that is often added to access control systems is access cards and tags. We have therefore decided on a new approach, and include access cards and tags for all users of the access control systems. Every year, the access cards and tags are renewed for those who wish as a part of the service. Earlier, access cards and tags were accessories that is purchased, in addition to the access control systems. If you do not want to use access cards or tags, you can, with advantage, use our APP that works for both iPhone and Android.

Electric locks, card readers, power supply, and more, are included

Besides the fact that we include access cards and tags, we will send the entire door environment in a complete box, a so-called “Ready-To-Go” box. In the RTG box is an electric lock, card reader, subcentral, transformation, an opening button, and much more. Read more about the RTG boxes here.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business; “-The access control system has been a so-called “commodity”. It means that the access control system is a fundamental security system that all operations need. Security, traceability, and secure access have never been more important than it is today. Earlier, an operation could decide to use keys to their doors, but the outside world has changed faster than any of us could anticipate, and therefore, as an operation manager, you can no longer close your eyes to the need for access control systems and other security systems. With our new concept, we are looking forward to being able to help many new customers with a modern, smooth and automatic shell protection.”

Read more about the cloud-based access control system CampTrac here.

For further information, please contact: Carl-Hugo Bellmark, +46707872620 e-mail:

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