What is multi-site?

CampTrac offers powerful multi-site functionality, making it easy for larger businesses to create and manage their own facilities within the system. Each facility operates as an independent unit with its own users, settings, integrations, and data. At the same time, the multi-site feature provides main administrators with an overall view of all facilities, while local administrators and users only see and manage their own facility.

multi site

Advantages of multi-site

  • Better Organization: Larger businesses can easily organize and structure their local offices or facilities efficiently, facilitating management and monitoring.
  • Customized Control: Each facility has its unique settings and user lists, giving local administrators full control over their operations without navigating through unnecessary information.
  • Centralized Overview: Main administrators have a helicopter view and can see all facilities in the system, providing an overall and unified overview.
  • Secure Access Control: The multi-site functionality ensures that users only have access to the facilities and data relevant to their operations, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Smooth Integrations: Each facility can have its own integrations and customizations based on its needs and business requirements.
  • Efficient Communication: The SMS & Email feature is tailored for each facility, enabling easy and targeted communication with users.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: CampTrac multi-site functionality is scalable and adaptable to fit different types of businesses and their expansion needs.


With CampTrac Multi-site, you get an optimized access control system that provides larger businesses with control over their local offices and facilities in a smooth and secure manner. Organize, monitor, and manage each unit individually while having a centralized overview. Contact us now to give your company an efficient and customizable access control solution with CampTrac!

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