Multi-lingual support

What is multi-lingual support?

CampTrac, the advanced access control system, offers a powerful feature – built-in multilingual support. With this functional tool, the system can be easily translated into any language, making it extremely user-friendly for users around the world. The translation process is seamless within the system, without the need for external tools or services.


Benefits of multilingual support

  • Global Usage: CampTrac can be customized and used in various countries and language regions, making it ideal for international companies, hotel chains, and global organizations.
  • Easy Translation: Administrators can easily translate the system into their desired language without extra costs or advanced technical skills.
  • User-Friendly Login: Users can select their preferred language during login, providing a personalized and smooth experience.
  • Reduces Language Barriers: By offering multilingual support, CampTrac eliminates any language barriers, facilitating users in navigating and using the system.
  • Cost-Effective: CampTrac saves time and resources by enabling administrators to handle translations independently, reducing the costs of adapting the system to different languages.
  • Flexibility: Regardless of the users’ spoken languages, CampTrac can meet their needs and offer a consistent and professional experience.


With the built-in multilingual support in CampTrac, you get a global access solution that opens doors for users worldwide. Seamlessly translate into desired languages and create a personalized and user-friendly experience for all your users, regardless of their spoken language. Choose CampTrac and get an access control system that eliminates language barriers and optimizes access control for an international user base! Contact us to learn more!

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