Integration to other access control systems

What does integration with other access control systems mean?

CampTrac is an access control system with an impressive open architecture, enabling easy integration with other access control systems. Through this capability, users can leverage their existing investments and use CampTrac alongside their current access control system. CampTrac has several access control systems integrated, allowing door opening with QR keys, SMS keys, and APP.

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Advantages of integrating with other access control systems

  • Optimal Use of Investments: Integration with existing access control systems allows leveraging previous investments and making the most of existing technology.
  • Easy Integration: CampTrac’s open architecture enables seamless integration with other access control systems, saving time and resources.
  • Simplified Management: Combining CampTrac with existing systems makes card and key management more efficient and unified.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Integration provides access to multiple access control systems, offering users more options to open doors with different types of keys.
  • Flexibility: Users can choose the key types that best suit their needs, such as QR keys, SMS keys, and APP.
  • Future-Oriented Solution: By combining CampTrac with existing systems, you get a future-proof solution that can be expanded and customized according to business needs.


With CampTrac’s smooth integration to other access control systems, you get a flexible and future-proof access control solution. Benefit from your previous investments and maximize the value of your access control system with CampTrac. Contact us and explore the possibilities to create an efficient access control that perfectly suits your business!

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