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Cards-On-Demand, 4-color print on frontside

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79,00 kr

Plastic card/ RFID card (EM, Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFire, combi card etc.) with personal color printing on one side. Price from SEK 79 per card.

Cards-On-Demand (COD) is a web-based card portal where you can order cards with print and photo. Fixed price per card regardless of how many cards you want to order. No requirement for a minimum order quantity, it is fine to order individual cards.


When the layout and card design is ready for your company in Cards-On-Demand (COD), you can start ordering cards.   Add individual people manually or import (larger groups) card users in COD. If information is missing, the administrator can send a request via e-mail to a new card user to take their card and upload it to the CardsOnDemand portal. When all information is complete, the cards are sent for printing. The cards are printed at PartnerSec. The cards are sent by post to the agreed delivery address.

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