Web-based preview

What is web-based preview?

CavVisit offers a flexible and efficient solution for web-based pre-registration of visitors who have been invited via e.g. MS Outlook or Google Calendar. When a visitor receives an invitation to a visit, CavVisit sends a unique web link to the visitor. By clicking on the link, the visitor comes to a form where they can fill in the missing information about the visit, as well as agree to GDPR/NDA requirements.

The advantages of web-based preview

  • Smidig och Tidsbesparande Process: Webbaserad förhandsregistrering minskar den manuella hanteringen av besöksuppgifter. Besökaren kan enkelt fylla i sina personuppgifter och övriga relevanta information innan besöket, vilket sparar tid och minimerar risken för felaktiga uppgifter.
  • Fullständig och Uppdaterad Information: Genom att låta besökaren fylla i sina egna uppgifter på förhand säkerställer CavVisit att all nödvändig information finns tillgänglig inför besöket. Detta garanterar att besökets ändamål och eventuella säkerhetskrav är kända och uppdaterade.
  • GDPR and NDA Compliance: CavVisit’s web-based pre-registration allows the visitor to agree to GDPR and NDA requirements in advance. This simplifies the process and ensures that the legal aspects of the visit are handled correctly and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Automatic Sending of QR Key: After the visitor has filled in his details and approved the requirements, these are saved in the system. The day before the visit, CavVisit automatically sends a unique QR key to the visitor. The QR key functions as a digital ticket and enables quick and smooth check-in during the visit.
  • Efficient Check-in and Notification to the Visitor: Upon the visitor’s arrival, the visitor can easily scan their QR key at a kiosk. Thereby, the visitor is checked in, and a visitor badge is printed. At the same time, a message is sent to the visitor recipient that the visitor has arrived. This seamless process creates a professional and efficient visitor experience for both visitors and visitor recipients.


CavVisit’s web-based pre-registration offers a smooth and automated solution to securely collect visitor data and manage GDPR/NDA approval. The visitor can easily fill in their details and approve requirements via a web link, which saves time and ensures that all the necessary information is available before the visit. Automatic QR key sending and efficient check-in improve the visitor experience and make it easier for the visitor to manage incoming visits. Take control of your visitor administration and give your visitors a professional and seamless experience with CavVisit’s web-based pre-registration. Contact us now to take part in this powerful solution and optimize your visitor administration for a successful business!

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