Open Architecture

What is open architecture?

CavVisit offers an open architecture with a modern RESTFul API, which enables businesses to easily integrate CavVisit with their existing systems. Through the integration, visitor processes can be automated, which means that the business can take advantage of its previous investments in systems and optimize their use. CavVisit’s RESTFul API is designed to easily develop integrations in just a few days, providing long-term business benefit.

öppen arkitektur besökssystem och passersystem

Advantages of open architecture

  • Smooth Integration with Existing Systems: CavVisit’s open architecture enables easy integration with the business’s existing systems, whether it is CRM, ERP or other software solutions. This means that companies do not need to replace their current systems, but can optimize and utilize their functionality by integrating them with CavVisit.
  • Automated Visit Processes: Through the integration, visit processes can be automated, which saves time and reduces manual tasks. The visitor’s data can be automatically synchronized between the systems, and bookings, reminders and other processes can run smoothly without the need for manual intervention.
  • Maximize Return on Investment: By using CavVisit’s open architecture and API, the business can make the most of its existing investments in systems and software. This leads to an increased return on investment and reduces the need to invest in new solutions.
  • Fast Development of Integrations: CavVisit’s modern RESTFul API is designed to make the development of integrations easy and fast. This means companies can develop and implement integrations in just a few days, bringing immediate benefits and efficiencies to the business.
  • Long-term Benefit and Use: Once an integration has been developed and implemented, it can be used for years to come. This provides long-term benefit and benefits to the business, while keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.


CavVisit’s open architecture and modern RESTFul API enable businesses to easily integrate with their existing systems and automate visit processes. Through the integration, companies can take advantage of their previous investments and maximize the return on them. Rapid development of integrations and long-term benefit make CavVisit’s solution a smart and long-term choice for visitor administration. Contact us today to create an efficient and future-proof visitor solution for your business today!

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