SMS-keys® sees the light.

SMS-keys® is super smart and super easy for anyone that want to give temporary access to people to an object. And they are is just what they sound like. They are virtual keys that are sent as an SMS to a person that can use them to open a door, gate, barrier, or any other object.
In the times of COVID-19 the SMS-key will guarantee no need for personal interaction in many industries.

The SMS-keys® can be extended, revoked and in any other way, changed, at any time. Every time a SMS-key is used it is logged in the CampTrac APV system, in real-time. It is clearly visible in the all-new real-time monitoring system for administrators of CampTrac APV.
The SMS-keys® is the latest add-ons to the cloud based CampTrac APV (Access, Payment, Visitor) system.

SMS-keys® for the logistics industry
An administrator can send a SMS-key to a driver and when the driver arrives onsite for loading or unloading the driver will unlock the gate using the SMS-key from their mobile phone. And thanks to the CampTrac RESTful API the administrator’s management system can be integrated to CampTrac to automatically issue SMS-keys.

SMS-keys® for the Facility Management industry
A Facility Manager can issue a time limited SMS-key from the web-based CampTrac system to a contractor that will perform work in a facility. The SMS-key can be extended or revoked at any time. This means that all access to all facilities will be manage centrally. And with the CampTrac RESTful API the Facility Management system can be integrated to issues SMS-key automatically.

SMS-keys® for Home Caring
SMS-keys can be issued to a caregiver that does home visits. This means that no physical keys or RFID cards need to be distributed.

SMS-keys® for the Telecoms industry
SMS-keys® can be used to give temporary access to 4G/5G tower service buildings for contractors. The SMS-keys are so fast to issues that the contractor can literary be in front of the service building, give the administrator a call to request a key and a few seconds later the contractor has the key, anywhere in the world.

Carl-Hugo Bellmark, Director of New Business – PartnerSec
”SMS-key will forever change how temporary keys are issued and managed. With no need for personal interaction and the administrator that issues the key can be on the other side of the planet it will be the permanent replacement of physical keys and RFID cards for temporary access.