The company Paxess develops the booking system Turbo2an.

Paxess have refined and redone, tidied up, cleaned up, simplified and improved the all new turbo2an. TurBo2an contains a lot of news that facilitates the daily work with booking, check-in / check-out, checkout, invoicing and finances etc. The previously popular and appreciated functions from TurBo are of course still there, the recognition factor will be high for you who have used TurBo before.

How is turbo2an integrated with CampTrac APV? Paxess has done a integration to CampTrac APV so that guests that arrive at a customer that are using turbo2an can issue CampTrac Cards for offline card readers.

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Integration Partners

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The Speeron NEXT™ platform provides a truly digitalized check-in and out experience. The platform is also used for all integrations with TV systems, mobile applications, IoT solutions, bandwidth management etc.

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Planyo is an online reservation system which can be used by any business taking bookings: for days, nights, hours or minutes, or scheduled events.

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Charge Amps

With Charge Amps, you can charge your electric car in a simple and cost-effective way. We create smart charging solutions with our customers' needs as the primary focus


Comers reservation system is a complete solution for the modern company.

DL Bookit

DLBOOKIT booking solution which is a custom software for the hospitality industry. 

Turbo 2an

A refined and simplified booking system.


VisBook enables leading hospitality brands in managing their daily operations.


CavVisit is a fully automated visitor management system.


q-channel is a cloud-based queue management system ranging from banks to retailers.